Saturday, June 27, 2009

My New Find This Week for a Future Sewing Room

First of all, look at my kitchen counter. This is the weeks pulled threads all in a pile on the kitchen counter. Another reason I'm going to make room in the basement for a "stitching/sewing room".
I picked up those linen napkins, which are a little on the large size for.......1.00 a piece.
I haven't decided what exactly I will stitch on them but ..........couldn't turn that down.
I also got a large piece of pink linen....yes, PINK, is my favorite color.......for only 25 cents.
And, those pink buttons in the middle of this pulled floss caught my eye. Haven't a clue yet what I will put them with but I thought they were so cute and could only imagine a pinkeep with these pink buttons.
Lastly, this large sampler I got for my future sewing room. It's old, old old. The tension is poor. The stitches are not so great but there was something about this piece that yearned to go to my sewing room. Of course, I will not even try to correct the tension issue or any missed threads, I like it really for the verse on it:
Be it ever so humble
There's no place like home
Well, I've got a counter to clean and floss bags to get going here.
Hubbie was outside about 10 minutes and said it was scorching hot already. He was up early to take to a charity some donation items. I'm going to work a little at putting some more things on Ebay and maybe, just maybe by our week of vacation we can clear a spot for stitching. But we have a ways to go........
Stay cool!

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