Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Work is Cut Out For Me!

I really wanted to organize my patterns this weekend as last weekend I finally got my threads in order. This is my grounding point. Meghan painted this a few years ago, The Girl With a Pearl Earring. Isn't it pretty? It sits right above the fireplace.

Ok, I have a few stash boxes everywhere. This stack of boxes is really full of patterns!
And, here is my stitching chair and light. A bit messy.

Oh, it gets worse........I got out my patterns in my basket ......beside my stitching chair!

Another stash box..................I have a thing for houses!

And then there's the stash box on a table.

And I have a neat little project here in my stash box.

Shall I just put the cover back on until I organize the rest?

I better stop here, because there's more tucked away in a few other places.
So, I have got to find a little bit better way of finding patterns. It's really bothering me this evening that I know......I absolutely know that I have a Little House Needleworks pattern kitted and ready to go, Always and Forever but I absolutely cannot find it........ Wonder why, right?
I will probably stick with "stash boxes" for right now, but tomorrow I definitely will try to straighten this out............tomorrow.......
Just got back at 11p from a 3 hour visit with my friend Dot. Have you ever read the book, Tuesdays with Morrie? Well, I have an elderly friend, good friend, Dot. It's Saturdays with Dot instead! LOL She really is the best friend you could ever have. She is always working on a project in her house and it's just plain fun to talk to her. She 75, going on 30. Really. She knew I would be coming over to visit and she had our wine glasses chilling in the freezer, just ready for good conversation! She makes me laugh alot too. She is really the wisest woman you would ever meet.
Hope you are having a good weekend!

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  1. Your post cracked me up because I could see myself all over it as far as stash. I just got all my patterns organized and weeded out. What a relief - I now know where things are. I'm on the threads now. It's pretty bad when you know you have the entire DMC collection and most of every other thread collection, and can't find them because they're spread all over. Good luck with your organizing. You'll probably find things you forgot you had and find that elusive pattern that you kitted up!


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