Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Giddy in the City

Today started out with a mission of getting to the city of Atlanta for my first appointment at Emory Spine Center. First of all, being a country girl, I was clicking in my mind at the things I would like to accomplish on the way back from the trip. Let me tell you that Atlanta traffic is challenging to say the least but I tried to avoid rush hour. I was very pleased with my visit to the center. Very professional, physician very informative and knowledgable.......very impressed. I will be getting an MRI at Emory in a couple of weeks to see if the cervical disc ruptures have worsened.

Overall, the day went well. After my visit, I was starving so I went by the Mall of Georgia and got my favorite Chinese food with a little extra soy sauce. I have my favorite stores I like to peruse.......I absolutely love Ann Taylor Loft and Barnes and Noble especially! They really make my skirt fly up! Learned a few lessons today though:

Lesson 1~~~ never try on clothes after eating Chinese food and drinking 2 bottles of water.

Lesson 2~~~absolutely, give in and get a 30 minute foot massage. It's worth more than any medicine!

Lesson 3~~~Do not go by Hobby Lobby after a large Cafe Mocha from Barnes and Noble!

Lesson 4~~~Get satelite radio ---it's worth the price with no commercials.

While at Barnes and Noble, I looked at all the magazines I could possibly look at. Audio books are beginning to look appealing to me as it's hard to read and stitch at the same time but I didn't get any books today. A record for me. I did get me another pair of reading/stitching glasses while I was there. Couldn't resist.

At Hobby Lobby, I got a big matting board for my present stitching project and now I just need to finish so I can frame it. They had 30% off some fabric, so I got a couple of yards of blue calicoish fabric to make some kitchen curtains. I was also looking for a pattern holder that I could clip on my stitching stand but didn't find one.

So, back on the interstate, down the country roads to home sweet home, thanking God that I didn't have to drive in Atlanta traffic every day!
My giddiness turned to sobering thoughts on the way home of Brandon and Meghan and wondering what they might be doing tonight. Meghan is probably studying very hard and Brandon is across the world in Afghanistan. I know that the time difference is about 8 hours. I wonder if he is safe, wonder if he is hot, is he able to carry around all that gear, does he sleep ok at night, is he happy with his choices?

I have those moments alot. A piece of good news yesterday was that Brandon's unit did get safely to Afghanistan. I guess the bad news is coming home every night and keeping up with the news of current conditions over there. Very sobering indeed. Well, late night insomnia means more stitching.


  1. I'll be thinking safe thoughts about Brandon. I hope you get to hear from him often.

    Your Dutch sampler is looking wonderful.

    You've had so much happening since I've been too busy to read. Hope your back is better soon.

  2. Glad you like your doctor! That always makes the visit so much easier. I hate Atlanta traffic so I consider you a brave soul to take it on!

  3. Yeah, the traffic is a bit frustrating but I really felt more confident at the Emory clinic especially if I need to have surgery in the future.
    I can't imagine driving in it everyday to work though.....whew! LOL


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