Saturday, May 30, 2009

A little Humor to Start the Day

There are some things that just require a second know, like, "Did he really take his phone into surgery?" Well, I wonder how that would be medically coded? LOL Funny, but it does seem that people are their phones and phones are their people, so to speak. I know this will eventually happen one day as bizarre as it sounds. The thing that really struck me funny about this little cartoon was the nurse wearing a nursing cap! Man, years ago......maybe 20 years ago we stopped wearing nursing caps so to see this connotation of a nurse with current cell phone technology is odd to me. Can you imagine all those tunes the phone could be ringing? I'm amazed at all the tunes in individual phones. I don't even know how mine got on my phone. Its been the same since Meghan put one in there for me! There is a really nice lady that puts her phone on at work and when she is away instead of putting it on vibrate mode, it plays loudly, and I mean loudly the song Freebird. This is definitely a change in the medical office setting. I've got where I just sing along to Freebird at least 2-3 times in one morning~~~flashback to the 70's baby! LOL

Here's another funny one. Another thing I just never wanted to think about was my parents and life. I know I got here somehow but gosh, I don't want to ever really think about it!! LOL This little couple reminds me of my parents. She used to work in a bank.
Well, on to the day................Body Guard just said to me that he will be on the roof for a while. Roof? I said. "Yep, gotta get those gutters cleaned out". So, I'm crossing my fingers that he is not going to fall off of our Dutch -style roof house. I did get a sigh of relief last night when he finished cutting some small trees and branches with the chainsaw without at least one tear in his jeans! He actually has a pair of jeans that have a large hole in them about thigh-level where he almost cut his leg off with a chain saw. It's those testosterone levels. We all joke with him about it and tell him he is in fashion now with his ragged jeans. So, thank goodness, no legs were cut last night. Now, I have to cross my fingers he doesn't break his leg on top of the house this morning!
And all while I'm just reading and drinking my coffee.......LOL
Here's hoping you have a great sunny day filled with lots of humor!

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