Sunday, March 22, 2009

Trip to Washington, D. C.

Work is sending me to Washington, D. C. for a Women's Health conference and I am excited to go, not only to get updates on women's health issues, but also to do a little touring around, specifically to go the Smithsonian. We are going to take a trolley tour one evening that week and I hope it stops at Arlington. This will be my 2nd only trip to Washington ever and there was so much to see last time that I couldn't get much done while on a business trip. This time we are going a day early to mosey around.
Since my time is limited, I am perusing online to see what is THE best stitching shop in Washington or nearby, and have gotten some good names through an online stitching group that I participate in. Its always nice to go window shopping in big cities, but then its also nice to come home to the country afterwards. I am definitely a "homebody" and the older I get, the worse it gets.
Right now we have electricity by generator because about an hour ago, for some unknown reason, power is out here. Electric company says it will be off until 6pm tonight. That's ok with me because its so pretty outside, perfect temperature and sunny. My stitching table has plenty of light coming in right now and beckoning me to finish the little project I was working on. My mind is skipping through "I shoulds" today but my body wants to rest.


  1. I deleted your comment Brandon. I do hope you deal with your anger in a constructive way. I will still always be supportive, always have, always will. One thing I admired in you is bravery. No one even sees our house and on Saturday while cleaning up I placed 2 Blue Star flags at home, one on the front door and one in the hall. So, yes I am proud of you. It takes courage and strength from within to volunteer for your country. I don't think any parent wants their child to be in harms way. This you will understand in time. I came to terms with this way long ago (3 years) when I saw that the National Guard made you so happy. I have been at peace with that in my heart for a long time. I know you will do well.
    This is a very stressful time for everyone right now. Only you have to live with your decisions. I have lived with mine and to be nothing other than frank, very happy with life. I have a husband who loves me and treats me with respect. He doesn't hit me, spit on me, beat my kids with baseball bats until they pass out, have affairs with other women and bring home STDS, and on and on. I can't say that about my first marriage. Alot of the physical violence was before you were even old enough to remember, thank God! After awhile at being punched, slapped, put down, lied to, bitten, held hostage in the house and ripping the phone out of the wall.........those memories are still there and actually on court files. They were also forgiven years ago. But, when forced to revisit the trigger, I generally dismiss myself and your right, that probably looked pretty bad. So, hate me if you want. But I can tell you that my heart was with you. Ashley is a beautiful smart girl who seems to have good parents. I have no qualms about that. I want you to know that I can live with myself for making the decisions I made because I know the reasons for them.
    Be brave at home as well as with the military and confront your issues face to face, dismiss yourself if you need to, but stooping down to a level of hate that you have right now is only showing the world your immaturity and passiveness.
    We will be there to support your send off on Thursday. I'm ok with whatever you say to me because when it really gets down to it, you have to live yourself. That doesn't change my interest in your happiness. I'm at peace with my heart how I feel about you AND Meghan. I will continue to write about it as well. I respected your wishes earlier to not post about events leading to leaving for Afghanistan because I love you. I still will blog because you and Meghan are a part of my heart that no one can take away. I do appreciate you reading the blog. Its a great way to communicate. I also love stitching and like to converse with others about specific patterns, threads, etc.
    Don't worry about those decisions because we already knew you felt that way but didn't bring it up and I knew you would when it was the right time. I continued to give money towards college courses even though finding out later, you really only enrolled in one class. See, love overlooks alot of things when it comes to kids. It doesn't excuse the fact that you brought hate in for the world to see and of itself is destructive.
    Now that you have vented and have very few days left to have fun. Please, go do something for yourself this week. You'll wish you did later, I'm sure. We'll see you on Thursday at the send-off.
    Oh, yeah, if you have a cool pattern to blog about this is a great place. We stitchers love our work.
    See ya,


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