Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Bittersweet Day at our House Tomorrow

This has been in our bedroom for a year now, waiting for the day, reminding us to pray for your preparation.
This has been hanging on the refrigerator for years because when I see smiles like those, I know we are on the right track.
Precious baby boy, all grown up and we can't protect you anymore, that's what makes me sad.

This is Ren and me saying prayers for the United States, Brandon, and at home for peace.

Brandon, he wanted to go to your send-off but won't be able to make it so he's sad . He is 15+ old now and I'm hoping he will be here when you get back too.

But this is Brandon, with a good smile while was in training. The military makes him happy and he is doing well with it. We will be there to celebrate with you tomorrow. ( with water-proof mascara, I will warn you)
P.S. You know you aren't my "blueberry lovemuffin" anymore cause you are all grown up but you are still the most handsome one there. You show them Afghannies Brandon!
Remember us here at home, praying daily, or really twice a day.......every day for your safety, your peace in your heart, the endurance that you need to withstand the elements. And a heads-up here, you will be getting alot of letters so hang in there. You've got a beautiful wedding waiting for you when you get back. God loves you Brandon, never forget that.

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