Friday, March 27, 2009

Good Morning, Friday

Good morning Friday! I'm ready to try to get some things done today that I have been putting off for the entire week. Its rainy and gloomy here and we are expecting storms here in Ga. tomorrow. Our neighbor called and just purchased a new weather radio getting prepared for these storms. We have generators in case the lights go out and plenty of food in the pantry. My fear is the wind and the damage that can occur from trees falling on our house. Cross my fingers on that one every time because we live right smack in the middle of forest.

Planning to go to the library to see what books I can get to take with me on the trip next week. I also want to see if they have the book "The Shack" because I've read and heard so many good things about it. When I finish the small project "Bloom Where You are Planted" then I'm going to work on "Frieda Freedom". It has been in my stash for about 3 years. This will tide me over until I can get some "Presidential Blue" for the dutch sampler from The Sampler Girl. I don't have that particular color in my stash and its really tempting to maybe ride up to Hawaisee today and just get what I need......we'll see. It looks like it may storm this morning so I hesitate to ride "over the mountain" today. Oh, I'm getting excited about maybe going there now, shouldn't have thought about it........LOL
Here's hoping you have a great Friday!

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