Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My first Pair of Real Scissors!

I'm excited to share with you my first pair of "good scissors"! I've had lots of dollar scissors but when it comes to cutting fabric, just makes a mess so I found these on ebay and couldn't resist. They came in the mail yesterday and they are so nice. I got a great deal on them. I love the little ones for cutting stitching threads. A pair of Gingher scissors has been on my wish list for a very, very long time.

Also, my new patterns from The Sampler Girl! The colors are awesome!


  1. Love those scissors Jennifer. The design on them, especially. I used to use Fiskers for cutting out things, now I just use the Ginghers. I love them. And congrats on the new patterns - great acquisitions.

  2. Thanks, Deb! I think the pattern of the scissors is called "Bianca". I should know that but had looked through so many Gingher colors and types, I think that's the ones I got. I've heard of Fiskers and they are supposed to be good scissors too.
    I like Tanya's patterns. I especially like this Dutch one and this will look great in our house.
    I've got to find a way to stitch faster! LOL

  3. I have the Sarah shears and embroidery scissors too...I love mine ;)
    Congrats on your new Gingher's you'll never go back now! LOL!

  4. What a neat set of scissors, Jennifer! I saw your comment on Deb's blog about the quilt shop you found in Pigeon Forge, TN. Do you happen to remember the name? I'm always looking for fabrics that aren't around anymore and love it when I stumble upon a shop with some classics. Last year, I found Quintessential Quilts in Reedsburg, WI and did some damage there ;)

  5. Vonna, you're right this is the Sarah design.....I was thinking Bianca when I posted. I think because I was looking at both. I love the pink Bianca ones too.
    Kristie, that quilt shop in Pigeon Forge I had their business card but I can't find it now. I can visualize right where it is but can't think of it. My husband likes to go that big knife and hunting store (the one that shows them on TV) and we happened upon this I think about 2 miles before you get to that store in a small shopping center. It doesn't look big from the outside but on the inside it was huge.....or to me, I'm from the country :)
    I don't quilt but they had some beautiful ones in there and at great prices. I got some solid pink quilted squares thinking I would make pillows but haven't yet. Thanks again for visiting my blog!

  6. What a lovely blog.
    Enjoy cutting fabric with those scissors.


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