Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday Feb 24, 2009

No sleep again last night. Our Labs have decided to have a Bark Fest 2009 now....of course only when it's dark outside. I took the banana bread to work and had WAY too much coffee with it this morning. I mean after clicking my pen over and over, walking the hallways chronically and typing a mile a minute, I figured....wow, I need to drink more DECAF! LOL

I'm waiting for the Obama speech tonight. I just simply don't agree with his ideas. I don't agree that America has gotten into the economy fix we are in because of banks or mortgages. I think our society is just plain greedy now-a-days. No, not everybody is that way but alot of folks are just plain greedy. I mean, if you can't afford a 350, 000 dollar home, don't borrow money for that. Find something that fits your means. I"m trying not to get on a sermon here but from what I have observed and experienced the new generation X or so to speak has no concept of that principle. Remember the days of "lay-a-way"? I remember the days when you progressively obtained things as you earned them not the other way around. The principle theme now is "Oh, I will just borrow thousands of dollars, oh no, hundreds of thousands, and then I will figure out how to pay for it later..." Well, think that way if you want to but guess what? It's painful to pay back. Even if we have better ethics, we are all paying for this attitude.
I read on the Internet as one of the headlines today that the average out of pocket medical expense per American next year will be $8,000 per person per year. Oh, but if we follow Obamas plan we will all be encouraged to just get unemployment and Medicaid will pay better. I heard today his new reformed mortgage solution is that if people don't pay x 3 months on their mortages then the banks will have to make a plan for repayment and then after the 3 months will give 1000 dollars a month towards the new mortgage. Excuse me but I think we will all be just foreclosing if this happens because it is enabling Americans to just keep not acknowledging that you have to live within your means. More money for unemployment and Welfare is again rewarding negative. Now, don't get me wrong, federal programs are good if used appropriately for a short time to assist but not a lifetime career for Goodness sakes. I see it all the time. Folks don't know what their means are. Now, you have to fit a certain model to fit in, to have friends, to be American. Oh this really is so not American anymore.
Ok, I see the President has arrived and now we must listen to an hour of........"where's the bottom line??" and one more thought on this............Michelle Obama, PUULLEAZE get some lipstick!!!! LOL


  1. I haven't had time to read your blog lately but I picked a good one today. YOU GO GIRL! I did have to smile when you made the comment about the lipstick. That's the thing I always admire about you. I used to wear it all the time too. But now I'm afraid I'll hit my lips with fabric (I own a cross stitch store). Or Joey's (my little black kitten I'm always loving on) cheeks will be all colorful.

  2. hey, I was feeling passionate about it!!! LOL
    True point about that with fabric. It would definitely be hard to get out and with alot of the flosses you can't wash it or it will run....believe me, I did it once and then had to dip in coffee to hide the mess and make it "antiquey" LOL
    And yeah, my Ren has lipstick on his little bare neck sometimes. He hardly has any hair left but he don't mind!!!

  3. Sometimes the world is not as simple as you have described it. And the greed of the banking/morgage industry to take advantage of folks who strive for the American Dream is profound.

    I think it is wonderful that you have taken the time to think through the process and that you have spoken your feelings. As women know, cleaning up someone elses mess is never a popular

  4. "Sometimes the world is not as simple as you have described it. "

    You are so right. I just try to simplify my own life and I guess in doing that I simplify my thoughts about stuff. But you are right, there are always many factors to an issue. Funny, because right now I"m listening to another Presidential speech this morning about the economy and mortage relief plans. He is talking about the people are interplay in the present mess.


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