Friday, February 27, 2009

TGIF--Hoping for Snow on Sunday in the North Georgia Mountains

An hour of stitching in the left upper corner. It's really hard to get a picture its so small. The pattern said 30 count but it feels like 40 to me. The floss is silk.

Isn't it good to be Friday?~~

I can't believe March is just 2 days away. I've settled in after work and actually fixed breakfast for supper. We like to do that from time to time and it just tastes so good to me, especially grits. I LOVE GRITS! Its my comfort food. If there was only one food left in the world, let it be grits.

I'm listening to the Nancy Grace show tonight and the caveats in the case of Caley Anthony. This case just intrigues me to no end. I think there is so much circumstantial evidence and Casey Anthony, the mother, just keeps the circus going, lying to police and making up stories. I hope this ends at some point and justice is served. I hope this is not another cold case.

I think there is something that just doesn't add up with the brother Lee Anthony. My hubbie, the Body Guard, has said that from day one. Interesting.

Anyway, I hear there may be snow on Sunday. What a change in weather here!. It rained all day long. Now it looks quite foggy here in the mountains. I'm ready for that 4 inch snow on Sunday and Monday the weather man predicts. BRING IT ON! My pantry is full. My stitching basket is full. Oops, gotta get some more firewood this weekend.......then I'll be ready for a 3 day snow in. I want to get a picture of snow around a bunch of daffodils that just bloomed in my yard. That would be awesome.

I have to get to laundry and it will take all weekend. I put laundry off until I have completely run out of clothes, just about because I just do not like the chore of laundry. I'm sorting them out in the hall and my blind Ren will just love to bury himself in them. I have to shake them good so I don't mistakenly put him in the washer too.

And where does all that stuff come from???? Looks like snow on the inside now! lol

As far as stitching, I started another project ~~~ yes, I have so many now, I just rotate them. Anway, I left my current one in the car and it was about 12 midnight and I couldn't sleep, so I popped out one from The Scarlett letter, a miniature sampler that I had for a long time but had not started. I didn't realize it was a one over one pattern and even if I didn't want to do one over one, I had to in order to use the linen and scant amount of floss they kitted together. I literally had a headache and could not count my stitches because the count of the material is so small and the floss color was so close to the linen color. I will stop this one and sell on ebay. Cross stitching is a hobby and a relaxing one at that. When a design is so hard that I am that frustrated, its time to move on to another one. This is my 2nd experience with The Scarlett Letter samplers where kitted floss is too short, another frustration. That's ok, I have enough projects to last me until the nursing home!!!! LOL

Off to searching recipes for Corned Beef and Cabbage. I have never cooked this before but like the taste and I got the ingredients and plan to cook tomorrow, probably finishing it with the slow cooker.


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