Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Arthritis Daily Indicator

Ok, just looked at the weather on North Georgia Access website and it's so cool! (no pun intended). This explains my aching joints today. It's true I can tell the change of weather by changes in joint pain. I bet though if I wake up Sunday morning to complete ,white ,beautiful winter snow, that joint pain will get better right away! We usually only see snow like this about once a year if lucky so it's a BIG DEAL when it happens. I already have my thermals and boots ready to go out and play in it. .........of course, after taking my arthritis medication!
Not that anyone with arthritis would need to check a daily meter, but it's a cool thing to find on there. There is also a mosquito daily indicator. I guess having alot of mosquitos and arthritis on the same day could be pretty bad or I guess, if you think about it, swatting at mosquitos will give you plenty of exercise in those old joints.
I guess it's good for folks to have an arthritis indicator because if you live with someone that has it, then you can be on guard for some moodiness...........not that EVER happens to me LOL HEHEHEHE
Well, anyway, speaking of moodiness, we watched a good movie today from the library called Love Comes Softly. It has the Grey's Anatomy, can't think of her name now.....anyway as the main character and the setting is sort of like Little House on the Prairie. Very good family movie. Life was hard back then but oh, so much more simpler. No one is text messaging and watching TV ........just simple hard work and life.
I'm so close to finishing the Dutch Alphabet Sampler that I can't stand it. I guess it's like running the last lap before the finish line. I have been measuring what size frame I will need and for the space and the size is odd~~ May have to get someone to frame this little pretty.

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