Thursday, February 26, 2009

Found a good website today

I found a good blog/website for support and information/education regarding violence against women. Why did I look at this today??? No particular reason, except that I am a survivor of several violent crimes in the distant past and from time to time look for support resources and education sites. With the stress in our society, I think violence against women is rising. Of course, the media makes it more reportable now and there is more awareness. There are long term effects from violence including PTSD which sometimes excludes oneself different from the world. This site looks pretty good at giving good information on triggers and grounders.

Please browse through it and make yourself aware. Women's health has been my career for about 20 years now and so my interests are more from not only personal experience with domestic violence in the distant past but also observing the effects from hundreds of women as they face each day trying to escape the aftereffects. I believe that this has a profound effect on women's physical health and more ways to intervene should be explored.

If anybody else has good websites they know of, please share!!!

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