Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Musings

My stitching and TV chair is calling me.............

New Country Sampler magazine....lots of ideas in those!!!
My new (or really old) quilted bunny pillow I got Saturday at a thrift store. Spring come on!

Got some bananas for a deep discount tonight while at the store. I am going to make banana bread and freeze it/ take some to work tomorrow. They keep asking me there "when are you going to make us some more banana bread?" Well, here it comes! I guess you could say that's job security!!! LOL just joking..... which is really not anything to joke about but you know what I mean!!!

Ren with his order of fahitas, of course, loaded with onions and bell peppers......OMG, we will be taking him out alot tonight.

Awake at 5am this morning~~~~~ I don't know exactly why that happened but anyway, dozed another hour before the alarm went off and up and Adam with the typical routine of Monday. Work has been exceptionally slow, so the day was long. After work I had some leftover steak from yesterday, so we fixed steak fahitas and Ren enjoyed his fahita as well.
Well, off to make some NANNER BREAD!


  1. I see your light by your stitching chair. I've sold 5 of those within the last couple weeks. Talk about a hot item!

    I used to make bread like that a long time ago. Also orange cranberry was good too. And the date bread was the moistest favorite of everybody. And the Greek bread I used to make I REALLY miss. I miss things like that. When I used to have a life before I bought this store ;)

  2. Phil gave me this light for Christmas and I LOVE IT!


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