Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dreaming About Snow

I'm so excited looking at the weather channel now. Looks like we are going to get alot of snow!
There just is something about snow that seems to completely stop time here in Georgia. Everything looks clean, beautiful, pure, calm, peaceful, and brings out the child in me. I'm charging my camera to get ready for some good pics. My dream is to get Raven, Ruby and Tom together for a picture.......and of course someone would hold Ren for a fast pic. He even has a fleece-lined cord jacket with a hood; however, on second thought it might not fit the little feller any more because he has been eating too much table food lately!
I will be too excited to sleep tonight! I think we may get 3-6 inches. We'll see.
Meghan, I"m hoping you get snow too!!!! Reminds me of when we first moved here, I mean about 1 month later we had a 6 inch snow in about 2 hours. That was January 2002.

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