Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

My honey and I are going to enjoy a nice little "stay home and cozy day" today. Later we will build a fire and I'm planning to cook us a nice marinated ribeye with smashed potatoes and ultimate fudge brownie for dessert. I must finish the last few stitches on my honey's gift this afternoon and will post a pic tonight.
We have recovered this morning from last nights escapages with chocolate covered doughnuts my honey brought me when I got up today. Sleeping late was much needed. The week has been long and hard and I definitely needed that "beauty sleep" for tonight.
Ren loved this morning as he had leftover Olive Garden spaghetti and garlic roll early and with me he whined for some breakfast so I just poured him a little bowl of Special K and he was happy as a lark. He was quite amusing to watch eating the little dehydrated strawberries but he likes it.
The Labs are whining already at the back door. They actually stand there and lick the glass door. This makes for good cleaning with Windex........hmmmm......I wonder if she thinks Windex tasts good or something?
The trip to Hobby Lobby made me want to sew, sew, sew. They had some pretty fabric and for 30% off was a good deal. I may go back one day and get some material to sew some curtains from the downstairs bedroom for the spring and summer.
And of course looking at the yarn, I was dreaming of really being able to finish my knitting I started at the class. I will definitely need class # 2 to get my present project back on track.
Well, until this evening...........enjoy the Love Day.

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