Monday, February 9, 2009

Our Sunday Musings

Getting my sampler ready for hanging. I got this cool frame for 3.00 at Walmart. It was just what I was looking for! I have 2 charms to attach after ironing and then I'm going to block it myself and put into frame tomorrow night.

I craved chocolate today so Phil went to the store to get a few ingredients and I whipped up 6 dozen cookies. We ate 2 dozen and then sent some to work. They really turned out delectable!!!! Just like I like them, thin and soft but a little crispy around the edges!!!!!

Phil's book he is reading now. ........we have an obvious interest in Afghanistan now and read whatever we can find.

My progress so far on the Dutch Alphabet sampler.

Fabric roses for Valentines Day. So cute and they will last forever! I just love the different fabric choices.

Hope your weekend was relaxing. That seems to be my mission these days if I'm not at work.
I'm up here at 1;30am and have to get up at 6am, well my labs are barking every 15 minutes without end and it wakes me up so ? why go to bed????


  1. Your cookies look good and what a great find for the frame. You asked me about the Courage ????. Well my mom does alot of shopping at the Hallmark store, so I believe thats where she got it.
    Have a good day and try to sleep (keep the dogs quiet)

  2. Thanks so much! Again I just loved that rock that says courage and the saying at the top of the box. I will look at Hallmark store soon. Thanks again.



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