Saturday, February 14, 2009

Our Friday the 13th is over

Well, today (or I should say yesterday by now) is Friday the 13th and even though I'm not the suspicious type, there is a little nagging unconscious way that Friday the 13th stirs my mind.
Today was one of those days and actually had a great day until about 9 pm tonight when my stomach decided to just spasm through until midnight............some days are that way but in Walmart this evening I absolutely had so much pain I spent most of the time in the lady's restroom.
I rode home with a pillow in my back and continued with the pain. Ran a hot tub of water and took something and now I feel much better; however, in the interim, Phil was going to run to the store for dogfood and did so reluctantly as I was hurting a bit and in the restroom. In the midst the phone rang, and absolutely could not get it as I was ........again, in the restroom.
I was praying that Phil would hurry back in case we needed to go the hospital if things didn't get better. Fifteen minutes later he comes in and ask me if I was ok, that he had to get a ride because his truck broke down. While he was checking the truck, he ripped one of this nails off the nailbed and was searching for bandaids.
Both of us consoling each other tonight and now I'm pretty pooped out and going to bed soon.
Tomorrow will be Valentines and hopefully things will be better.
The good parts of the day were that I finally got to Hobby Lobby to get some mounting board for some of my cross stitching projects in order to frame them nicely and while I was there I was in heaven looking through doll houses and furniture. I love doll houses and one day, I have asked Phil if he would build me a dollhouse so that I can paint it and put some furniture and furnishings similar to our house.
Hobby Lobby had all their frames 50percent off. So I did get a few frames to do future projects and really liked their selections. Tomorrow I will post a pic.
The other great thing today was using our gift certificate we got at Christmas for the Olive Garden. YUMMY YUMMY for the tummy included Eggplant Parmesian and Spaghetti , fresh garlic rolls, wonderful salad and a glass of Merlot. LOVED IT!
That was a great gift from Ashley (my future daughter in law by the way) and we really liked it!! Thanks, Ashley.
We sat at the bar because the wait was so long and just ate there but it was kinda fun to watch them make the coolest different drinks for folks dropping by.
So, getting to eat out was a treat for us as we always eat at home now.
Oh, and another thing today was strange. The Dutch Alphabet that I have been working on for almost 2 years revealed to me today that there was no "J" in the alphabet. Yes, this design by Sheepish Designs is beautiful but not until today did I notice it had all the letters but the pattern left out J. I wonder if that was an error in their work or did they want it that way. For what reason though?
Oh well, enough of that. I must go to bed now and will write more in the morning. Stay safe and stitch.


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