Saturday, January 25, 2014

My Review of ChiaoGoo Interchangeable Red Lace Knitting Needles

I went to knit group last year and right before class, the owner of Bumbleberries in Clarkesville, GA had this yarn on a clearance rack. The skein is HUGE. I was drawn to the teal colors and subtle colorway. Of course I can't find the tag that was on this large skein right now. I usually keep them but now can't find this one. I wish I could tell you more about it.
I made up this knit design so that it flows in blocks using knit and purl stitches. Using number 10 needles as it's somewhat bulky and what was called for on the yarn tag.
I picked this back up and put these on circular needles instead of straights and moving much faster.
Needles are ChiaoGoo in the interchangeable set Red Lace. I really got a deal on Ebay recently as someone just didn't like the way the needles felt in her hand so she sold them at a fraction of the cost. I mean FRACTION. I had to reread it twice. She only used them a couple of times and I was so blessed to have found this the very day she put them on Ebay. At first I thought something had to be wrong with them at that price but it's not. I have small hands so they fit perfectly for me. I can see how someone with larger hands may not be as comfortable although the needle tips are 5 inches long.
The Chiao Goo Interchangeables Red Lace Circular Set, comes in a compact and very organized zippered holder, with a pack of markers, cords (6), measurer, needle card, T-pins to tighten, and 4 end pieces to hold work if you want to store for later.
I had already used a ChiaoGoo needle in the past and really loved them. I used Addi ones last year and I will have to say for the price I like these just the same, if not more so. I found through experimentation that I prefer circulars on all projects even when patterns are written flat.
There is no snag at the joins. They do stay together well when used with the T-pin. The cords are plentiful in size variation and the quality of the cords are excellent.
This is all in the side pocket. I love the colors of the markers.
Each slot has a label sewn in for the number and the number is inscribed on the needles.
Please excuse Abbie's white hair. It gets on everything even though I try to remove it all.
Both large and small of all sizes have their own place tucked inside this little bag.
So, yeah, this is really a good deal I think, but I know everyone has their own opinions.
In summary, I love the ChiaoGoo Interchangeable Red Lace knitting needle kit because:
  • it's so compact and organized
  • the stainless steel needles are very pointy which I like for any project
  • they have smooth joins and do not snag yarn
  • options for needles sizes 2-15 cover a lot of patterns
  • the 6 cords are made very sturdy and there is no aggravation with winding up like nylon
  • you can make the cords even longer by joining two
  • comes with plenty of markers and end pieces for small and large cords
  • the side zipper pouch holds all the accessories
  • I love metal needles slick and pointy nature for faster knitting.
  • I love the classic color of the case itself.
  • you can buy additional cords to fit them. Chiagoo cords however, as other name brands do not fit (which makes sense) and they are very affordable.
  • the number size is easy to read on the needle itself
  • these do not have bends in the lower part of the needles (some do but I don't like that)
  • I love that I waited for a year to get a steal like this instead of ordering a set at full price as this was listed for 75% off retail and hardly used at all.

Goodbye wood needles, goodbye straight needles and HEeeeeeellow ChiaoGoo RED needles
I just love red anyways. It's a really close favorite color of mine but Pink is my favorite.
I do love the classic Black, white and red together. Just classy. And functional, and very cost effective.

So what needles are your favorites?
Have you tried ChiaoGoo ones? If so, how did you like them?
 My dearest husband has just returned with a cord of wood and putting it away so a cozy fire in a few in the wood stove while I knit a while.
May God Bless you this weekend with lots of love, coziness, kindness, memories, and a sweet loving companion to share it with,


  1. When I do knit, I love to use wood. I especially like Rosewood. The scarf colors are so pretty.

  2. I love a good bargain, wow the case is beautiful.



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