Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Yarn is good eye candy!

Yesterday I went to the junkin' store, actually a few of them to find a really cheap but usable to repurpose--frame for my Jane Austen sampler. After 3 hours, still didn't find one I could get. So, I probably will finish as a hanging because I do want it to go on my sampler wall in one of the guest rooms.
More on that later!
My splurge for this week was 2 skeins of Red Heart Boutique yarn. Found this at Walmart and honestly, it's like yarn shop quality. It almost has a soft mohair appearance but it's not. It's very soft and pretty. The colorway is called Tidal. It's a gorgeous teal and light green and medium teals. There are 258 yards on each skein and it recommends a number 8-9 needle. I want to make a small shawlette and lacy so I will use a bigger needle.

Red Heart has come a long way baby!
I think I'm dreaming of Spring already. However, I heard we are in for a big cold front moving here about 9a in the morning and lasting through the week, making very frigid nights. Tomorrow night is predicted at 17 with a real feel of 3 degrees.  Someone said today the Farmers Almanac spoke of this area having 4-5 snow episodes this Winter. Hasn't happened yet though. But.................................we have many weeks of Winter to go!
I feel kind of silly talking about these temps when I know there are many of you that live in much colder climates and probably laughing at us southerners.
It's time for a small design. I had some ideas while roaming through the afternoon and my devotionals. My creative juices are flowing. ;-0
Stay warm and cozy,

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  1. Jennifer: I am sure the weather in your area is sometimes bad, if I lived where you live I would become acclimated and be cold with 40 degree weather, here 40 degrees is warm, I am a snow bunny not by choice.
    I have seen and touched the yarn you are showing when I was at Joann's
    it is totally yummy.
    I look forward to see what you do with it.

    Many Blessings



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