Monday, November 11, 2013

Fanny Price's Pocket Pouch

I started knitting in a smaller gauge, thinking I was making a scarf; and then in mid-weekend changed my mind. Thought at first it would be a scarf but after watching Mansfield Park movie again and reading some Jane Austen, I thought this would be perfect made into a small/medium size pouch with calico lining. I have so far finished the knitting and the hand-seaming and put some vintage lace through the top. I plan to put a small snap under the flap for closure. Here are the pictures so far. I've still to sit by the fire tonight and hand sew in some calico fabric for the lining.
Fanny Price's Pocket Pouch

It's a colonial blue yarn. I think it's perfect for those special letters and writings like Fanny Price so loved in Mansfield Park! 
You know she loved writing for Edmund!!!


As I was tapering the flap, I made 2 slots for the lace to thread through. Tied a sweet bow and imagined the days of Fanny Price, taking one of those English walks to think about her writings and a place she could tuck away special ones.

The wood stove is warming us by the sofa and I got a really good deal of a floor lamp on sale at Joanne's crafts for 50% off and free shipping. It's a lot larger than I imagined! The Ottlite in it is VERY bright so my eyes now are welcoming some cross stitching.
This weekend my sweet mother-in-law showed me Red Rosies and Pink Posies design for a small donation on Blue Ribbon Designs (Belinda)'s blog. I fell in love with all the pink in the sampler and I would encourage anyone if you can to run over to her blog and get to her Susan G. Komen's 3-Day Benefit for Breast Cancer research for the pattern with the donation. It includes a box-top sampler, quite large and Needlework smalls with detailed finishing instructions, 17 pages long when I printed it out. I LOVED the large graphing for my vision. I've ordered the threads called for and can't wait to get started on this one. When the threads arrive I'll show some pics. I will be using linen in my stash. I will use about a 23 inch square cut size for all of them together.
On the homestead front, we've had our first Pumpkin Pie yesterday with homemade vegetable soup and pasta salad. It was indeed yummy for the tummy!
I'm glad there are leftovers for tonight. Pumpkin Pie and Coffee make a great breakfast, by the way. :P

So it's definitely looking like November and closer to Turkey season. On our back porch we saw a large doe deer and her 3 fawns. The doe had a black back of which I've not seen that kind since living here. Mr. Darcy said when you see deer get that dark on their backs, it means the winter will be very cold. I think he is right because tomorrow night it's going to be in the low 20's with freezing rain/snow mix predicted.

 Through the windows I peaked out on Saturday and saw these strutting around the front.

Not one but four!

So you reckon they know it's almost Thanksgiving and we need a turkey for dinner??
I've seen 5 at the time out here crossing our driveway and by the house several times. They are brave souls indeed.
I hope everything is looking cozy and warm at your house. It's that time of year to stash, stash, stash and then knit, stitch, knit, stitch away the long dark evenings for the Winter.
 Warm and cozy ,


  1. The knitting looks great!
    I am currently stitching the Blue Ribbon design you wrote about.I got the box at Michaels already painted. I got the white one instead of the pink. It's turning out so the colors too.
    I'm a survivor just this past spring/summer. Finished radiation Aug. 1. Had my followup mammogram in Oct., my birthday month. Everything checked out just fine and I'm very thankful for that.
    Dh went deer hunting and saw a lot of turkeys, not many deer! :)

  2. Oh so sorry to hear about your diagnosis but so glad you have survived!!! I know first hand working with breast cancer patients how difficult to say the least that journey is although I cannot say I have been through it myself. I'm so glad you are doing well. I haven't been to Michael's in a while, I'll have to see what they have.
    Thanks for commenting. Love hearing from ya!

  3. Sweet post! Love the pouch ~ so cute! I do believe many on the critters out way are indicating a cold winter ~ who needs a weatherman!


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