Thursday, November 14, 2013

Just a Little Bit Means Alot!

Just to show a quick peak at some yarn I got probably a month ago. It has some little flecks of silver in it.
 Just enough to look a little blingy with the gray and the yarn is really very soft. I'm going to make a scarf with it. It's bulky so going through my bigger needles today.

I love the faintest silver in it.

I love that is bulky and I can make up a scarf with a free pattern from Ravelry.
I also love the dark, gray cashmere color.
I will probably use a 13 needle. Although the needle is large the little specs of silver, make it the prettiest!
I hope if you are having a gray day, that you will find something even if tiny to sparkle your day.

Till later!


  1. Love your yarn. Ravelry is my favourite pattern site. I am into knitting big time since my cross stitch mojo moved out. Can't wait to see your scarf.


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