Saturday, November 16, 2013

Threads in for Red Rosies Pink Posies sampler!

Well, on Thursday I fell down about 5-6 steps on the hardwood stairs and messed up my bum and my back. I had just got up and can't see real good with glaucoma first thing in the morning so I missed a step midway down. The doctor said it's because the optic nerve pressure is high but most of the time it's well controlled with eye drops.
 This is the first chance I've got to really get some relief after medicines and a very ,very hot shower. Heat is the key right now. I think I will be ok, but rattled up the spine pretty bad.
I've been sitting on my side and yesterday listening to books on Kindle. This morning was really hard to get up but like I said later with heat and some TLC, I'm going to be ok.
This afternoon, Mr. Darcy went up to the mailbox and my threads came in the mail for this project/sampler set from Belinda designed for donations to her breast cancer awareness 60 mile walk.
I'm using some 28 ct white linen already in my stash.
I'm making the pincushion first and decided to do 1 over 1 which is challenging for me even at 28 ct.
When I start the large sampler, I will be stitching 2 over 2, just for ease of eyesight. I will probably frame it, not sure yet but I know it will be larger. A larger box is another option.
Here's a look-see~~

It is color therapy for my bum and back. (along with heat and TLC)

These scissors I've had for years. I don't know if you remember when I had a couple that I sold. I kept a pair and thought them fitting for this purpose.

You can see the finished pincushion in the pictures. I will have to say that Blue Ribbon Designs (Belinda) has THE best detailed patterns I've ever seen from a designer. I love the way she writes a detailed finishing instructions, small and enlarged portions of the big sampler in the middle, including 17 pages. I also like the fact that I could help her in her goal for her 60 mile walk (of which she started today I believe)
The color Emma's Pink was darker than I had imagined in the pictures online but I still love it.

Just to show you my illuminated magnifying glasses I've had for about 2 years now. I got them on a trip to Alexandria to In Stitches. They have come in handy for times like snuggling on the couch with Mr. Darcy while stitching. Abbie barks at me when I wear them.

So I can truly say this has lifted my spirits today I just love color. Any color threads or yarn is good for the soul.
We just finished watching the amazing Georgia vs. Auburn football game. I never liked football in my life until my DH came into my life and with his patience, he has answered all those questions I had about the plays, the game, scoring and now we look forward to watching games together. :)
We thought GA was going to win alllllllllllmost to the end when a guy knocked the ball out to intercept and the other team just caught it and made a touchdown. Man! The excitement. We screamed so much at the TV to very end pulling for GA until my throat is sore!!! :P
I hope you had a great Saturday and enjoying lots of color too,


  1. I also helped Belinda raise funds for her 60 mile walk, but I'm busy with Christmas gifts and will have to wait to get started on Red Rosies. So sorry to hear that you took a fall and will keep you in my prayers. I fell down some steps a few years ago, broke my left leg and tore the ACL in my right knee. Talk about being laid up!

  2. Ouch! Hope the bruising subsides soon. Love your new start and colours. What an amazing cause.

  3. I do hope you are feeling better. Falls like that are scary! Love this design that was done for such a great cause!!

  4. Hope the weekend has given you some time to rest and heal as well as good stitching time.


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