Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Twisted Tuesday~~~a Twist for Lemons

Some days I have deep introspection and retrospection. I awoke out of a dream three nights in a row now, dreaming about my dad, my daughter and my son, all in separate dreams. It's funny how there are some things in life that are for certain. Like love. God's love. A mother's unconditional love. (and taxes and death) but in simple processes such as releasing items that remind me of good memories from the past, it's really hard, but in time, necessary. I have clung to hope as most do. Never, ever give up hope.

Although I think our lives are lived in thirds, maybe fourths for those fortunate, I can't believe I'm in the 50-85 age group that TV commercials advertise things for. It's actually, mind-blowing when I think about how time flies so fast. I think of how I can spend the last third to make the most difference in the world and bless others. I am in no way perfect but I do have love to give.

This blog means a lot to me for sharing our interests, our hopes, our dreams, our lives and, because for example, it connects me to my adult children. There is a connection in the heart that forgives, but never forgets. Well, in most people who have a loving heart. I know when I see Olympia, Washington on the ticking at the bottom that my daughter must be thinking of me or she would not be drawn to this blog still.

It stumps my mind how people who say they love you, yet, do not show any love at all and honestly I've come to learn a lesson that some people, just cannot receive love. They don't think they are worth it, which is such a waste when they could be releasing that love. I know from experience it takes more energy to hold love in. This I know for sure.

Tuesday Twisted thoughts:

:: A parent's love, never goes away. It's there for the taking. It's a deep connection that no one can ever take away no matter what.

:: You have to BE a parent before to understand the first thought.

:: Giving away things, doesn't mean giving away love.

:: Money can't buy love

:: Love comes in many forms during life. It's whether we recognize it sent from God or not that makes the difference. And man, does it ever make our journey better when we recognize it's from God.

:: God gave us a guide on what real love is in the Bible. No one of us is perfect, but all of us have free will to follow that kind of love or turn their back on it.

:: I choose to follow that kind of love in Corinthians. At this age, I've learned to grab the real love and to remember the lessons I learned from the fake love given to me in the past.

:: God puts people, key people, in our life in answer to prayer and seeking the truth, for protection, for hugs, and for the kind of love that is genuine.

:: I'm glad I recognized that love from a real God-driven man the day after Christmas 2011. It was so different, so welcomed, so blessed, so refreshing, so comforting and so real.

:: There is no man or woman that can take the love I have for my son and my daughter away from me. No one can take away the memories of raising them, loving them, protecting them, birthing them, rocking them to sleep, keeping them warm, and hugged.

:: I am blessed to have dreams about my son and daughter where they tell me they love me, because only HE understands that hole in the heart that is put there when your children choose to cut you away like a stranger.  God knows the timing when we need to be reminded and it wakes me with a smile in the mornings. In the meantime, we are stretching and growing our patience and our hearts.

Today was one of those awakening days from a night full of sleep, not knowing why, but having dreams about my family. I thank God for those nights when he gives those dreams to me to help me remember that real love.

I'm blessed to wake up to a very understanding husband, who shows the love in his heart, which shines then to reflect in my own. I have good days and bad days with dealing with some trauma I have been through in life but it's remembering the real love that I've been blessed with that grounds me back.

Today, with all the cold wind and the assuredness of Winter coming on, I'm approaching the Winter season of my life too. I am prepared with the help of my Father God. He knows what is in store and he already knows how our lives will be lived. I hope that I live the rest of my life with the strength, the love, and the joy He gives me. Only for the taking if we want it.
I put a note on the side bar if you want to be a prayer partner. It's something that I've felt led to do. There are so many including myself and everyone who go through things and sometimes feel alone, when we are not. God explains about a cord of three strands in the Bible.
I so want to go on a medical missions for a long time now but with finances I just cannot do it. My heart has been pulling at this for a year. One day I believe I will be able to.

For now, I wish to start a prayer group, stitchers or not and I will be making a FB page for this. Through the holiday season especially, it's very hard and depression can worsen for many people. Do not feel alone.   I will post daily encouragements briefly and prayer requests can be left and praise reports. It's a closed group on FB but if you want to join it's pretty simple.
Trust me, I love to read encouraging thoughts and I know this is something that can make a difference to both of us. To all of us, all over the world.
As we enter this season of family and good-eats, and memories, let us seek peace and good-will just as we would expect from others. The Golden Rule is the best if we could only strive for it.
 Although I know deep inside, I'm not all I should be, THANK GOD, I'm not where I USED to be!
Just click on my pic below and it will take you to
This is a closed group but I welcome all new members!

Daily Sunshine Tea

Daily Sunshine Tea
Life is 1/2 unsweet lemonade and 1/2 sweet tea. This is the recipe for a most refreshing drink I frequently have for my lunch. There is actually a restaurant where you can order Sunshine Tea in Augusta Ga. I ate there for lunch for years until I moved up in the mountains. I couldn't think of a better name for a positive group. See you over there!!!  A small drink a day will refresh you!


  1. Tears running down my face right now...tears of admiration for your strength,purpose,love,hope and understanding. Continue to walk in your path of truth and purpose.

  2. Lovely thought provoking post, Jennifer.

  3. I keep rereading "A parents love never goes away." I just don't know. My father lived in the same county as us his whole life. For his last 20+ years he never gave us love. He just ignored us.

  4. He is physically not available but deep in his heart, he still loves you I bet. Ignoring a parent or child is about the most painful thing to go through and I've buried a child. It's alot worse because you know they have a choice and they choose to shun you as if you are dead. I imagine the same feelings go for parents. I've been shunned by my parents all my life, as the scapegoat. It's a hard road to return love but I found that forgiving doesn't mean forgetting but offering yourself to them and reminding them they gave birth to you and it's their choice if they turn away from it. If they do, God is your Father anyway that will NEVER ignore or reject you. My family some of them live very close and have nothing to do with me, pointing fingers and blaming me for their infidelities and such. I had to let that blame to go. They have to find another scapegoat for their own problems. As my own parent said to me, he loved me alot and still does, he just didn't know how to respond. I think some parents are not equipped with the know how and will not leave their isolated comfort zone which is a shame. Then there are those that are actually jealous of you and do anything possible to interfere and cause total rejection. I have a parent of that nature too but I try to honor her as much as possible. Her little digs and gaslighting is just a way to show me she has let her jealousy override her maternal love. It's really hard. I hope your situation improves with time. If you have wrote him or communicated how he makes you feel with his behavior, and he doesn't respond at all, that's all you can do. It's their loss, because you deserve much more.

  5. Jennifer - Powerful, thought-provoking posts. I am sure deep down your children love you. Hopefully, one day they will show their love.

  6. Jennifer, thank you for your encouraging words. I too am a stranger to my son. I love him unconditionally and pray that one day he will return home.

  7. Jennifer. I think I have a similar situation as you. I'm proud of your faith. I know without my faith I would be lost on many levels.


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