Sunday, November 3, 2013

Morning Progress with Change

Happy Sunday morning! Abbie says we changed the clocks and momma changed the pattern in her knitting!  Change is good ( most of the time). Serendipity is even better!

Blue Heather by Lion's Brand Wool-Ease
knitting a finer gauge scarf for a giftie.
I thought some banding on the ends would be a good change to this garter pattern.
I CO 30 for this scarf
Simply K2P2 all the way across then
P2K2 all the way across
repeat for about 8 rows
More pics later for Fall foliage!
Enjoy your Sunday morning. Always.


  1. The color of the yarn is lovely.

  2. Abbie: you are so photogenic, you truely a little doll.
    Mommies stitching is a very beautiful color.

  3. What lovely knitting and Abby looks so pleased and proud of your work. I have a question about the "background".....the black and gold/yellow quilt. Is this your creation also? I ask because my niece is always in search of anything black and yellow/gold--her school colors ( my old school too!)

  4. Hi Jennifer,
    I always enjoy your posts and with all the beautiful work you do, I'm always inspired.
    I too finished a shawl this evening and have another started. Also working on a cross stitch piece.
    Our weather here in south eastern NC is also getting chilly. We enjoy the wood stove so much during the cold weather.
    Keep up the great work. Love you girlfriend.

  5. So sorry it was late in publishing the comments. I love reading them!!!!

    The black and gold is more like a navy, tan, and cranberry. It's really dark in our house but I got that already made years ago at a quilt store in Helen, Ga. It really goes on a bed but sometimes I change them around and especially in the cold bring out the larger quilts. Thanks so much. I've seen one similar several times in catelogs like Sturbridge Yankee shop.

    Thank you to all who comment. I love you all!!!


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