Saturday, January 26, 2013

Playing with Something Different in Yarn

Knitting a little different for practice. I saw a tutorial and don't even know what this is called but you drop a stitch every 5 rows and it makes this pattern from the typical garter stitch.

I had one ball of this Mossy Green left and so I'm putting it to use probably as a table mat because I don't have 2 skeins for a scarf. I will probably put some wooden buttons on the end of it.

I made mistakes here and there but by the last row it was getting better.
And so is life, the more we practice, the better we get at it.

And this one has only gotten a few stitches. Amazing to me on Oyster white linen that Milady's Teal looks a grayish light blue!

 AND! to be loaded in my Needlework 4 system to get some speed on it. 

Stay warm and cozy! The ice here has gone. It's a Saturday morning/ evening now and back to working in my office with Mr. Darcy. I do love him so.
For his office I plan to make some simple patriotic curtains. When finished, I will post one day.
I am getting quite used to the new washer. I love it. It's quiet, plays a tune when finished and the dryer is stacked on top.

I hope to get all the rooms together by Spring time. Ready to open the window a bit for warm sunshiney breezes and guests to visit.

till later,


  1. So glad you're still enjoying the knitting and daring to try something different. You'll be knitting sweaters and all before you know it. The Downton Abbey piece is looking nice. Love the colors.

    LindaLee from
    CrossN' My Stitches

  2. Sounds like a comfy, cozy type of day!

  3. Love seeing your latest project. I wish I could knit...have tried so many times, but I do crochet, so that keeps me quite busy. Plus my cross stitch! Can't wait to see the finished Downton Abbey sampler! It looks gorgeous so far.

    Have a blessed Sunday with Mr. Darcy & Abbie.

    God bless - Julie


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