Sunday, January 27, 2013

Finished a Nook Cozy

Well, no pattern indeed for this one. Just playing with rows of stitches and measuring for a Barnes and Noble Nook e-reader for a gift.

This project took 1 whole ball of yarn. Stitched with my glass knitting needles and learning how to yarn over and decrease stitches with this one. Started out with the garter stitch. I only had one skein of this yarn so a scarf was not possible..............or a long scarf that is......

then I practiced some yarn overs (YO) and through several U tubes learned how to decrease, increase, and yarn over. I was nearing the end of this yarn skein and I thought this would measure out perfect for a NOOK reader.

The finished project is like this:

You can see Abbie is begging for attention with her "Virginia baby". OK, I will spare the details of how she got named that one........

Anyhoo, I initially used some large gold rickrack through the yarn over smaller section and I did and secured it by hand sewing in the back. Then I decided to make a decorative tie from a scrap of the material, roughed it up a bit and pulled through the open sections and secured with a wood heart button.

To make this piece initially, I simply folded over the knitted piece to fit a NOOK and used a blind stitch with yarn x 2 on the sides for a good hold.

I then machine stitched a piece of calico fabric for a lining.

I then whipstitched it by hand in the inside.

The large rickrack ribbon gave it some stability and also for the heart button as well.

My stitches are not perfect but I did like the general look of it.

I also love the fabbie I got from my stash cabinet for the liner.

The back is not perfect but I'm still learning. :P

and there ya go for a first attempt at a NOOK e-reader cozy.

Now.........tonight is Downton Abbey!!!

Can't wait to see the next episode.

 I sprained my right foot putting on a pair of new boots. The boots are my Christmas present from Mr. Darcy and they initially were too small. Then after a month they finally returned the right size and they also were almost impossible unless you don't wear socks to get on in the instep. The length was actually a little large. 
But in my excitement I twisted my right foot down and the heel went down sideways. NOT a good thing.

So here's my Santa present! 

Country Outfitter--Durango

Hope you all had a great weekend and especially a good start Monday!



  1. I think your cozy looks great!

    And those boots ~ love!!

  2. Lovely boots! Sorry to hear you hurt yourself though. Hope you are up and around wearing the boots soon!

  3. The Nook cozy came out beautifully! Your knitting is improving greatly. You are a quick study.

  4. You take it easy on that foot Jennifer. Going to take it a while to get back to normal.

    The cozy came out super cute. Love the green and yellow together.

    I hate the fact that you have to wait a whole week for a new episode of Downton Abbey. This week's was a real shocker!


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