Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Twisted Tuesday~~~Literal progress on finishing up the Kindle Cover

After binding off the section of knitted material using Bernat Softee chunky 100% acrylic yarn and my most loved glass needles, I started and finished sewing (double) the sides using a blind stitch method so you can't even see the yarn when finished on the sides. 

I continued on to the second side, again, double stitching them to provide more support.

And this is the way it looks as I go along.

You can see this project took almost a ball of yarn and left a nice amount to finish sewing the sides and or button I'm contemplating to put on the fold over part


The calico fabric came from my stash of fabrics I brought home from Boston 2 years ago. I really like it because it just matches well and keeps the look casual.

the number of cast on stitches determines the length. I cast on 27 stitches (using number 13 needles). If you want a shorter one that doesn't hold a pair of reading glasses, cast on less.

So. I'm almost done with the second side hand stitched with yarn, actually double stitched for support, and now I'm off to blindly make a pouch liner for the inside. 
The liner then is whip stitched into the inside of the bag.
Finishing suggestions were on craftgossip.com under (KINDLE COZY pattern) to make a flowerette with left-over fabbie. I am going to attempt this. I've never made one before.

I also have to decide how to keep the flap closed. I may just tie a piece of strong brown leather around it like an old journal.  Not sure yet.

So, this is what my morning has been up to along with a pancake breakfast with Mr. Darcy and of course Abbie. Yes, she ate a small pancake with a minute amount of syrup and is now napping.

I have many, many chores to do and a few errands today so I best be moving along........it's almost noon now!



  1. Very nice knitting, such a good idea!

  2. Beautiful cover the color is fantastic.
    Good luck on the flowerette.

  3. Your Kindle will be very cosy and well protected in its blue cover.


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