Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Flashback~the first snow at the homestead and progress

Today I thought it would interesting to show you some pics of what the homestead looked like BEFORE painting and removing the front screen and also in a deep snow here on Fox mountain.
What a flashback!  My daughter had never seen so much snow at one time at her early age of 13.

Winter 2002

 The backyard

This is before I paid to put a red tin roof on with new sub wood layer because it was leaking upstairs. The color of the house was a blue stain on the wood. I had it painted of course after the roof went on .
And before that the screen was torn down to reveal a nice front porch. Alot of work done on and in this homestead over the 11 years.

Woke up this morning with frozen ground after a nice sheen of water. Still have more sleet/frozen rain to go today with temps below freezing. Tomorrow this should clear up. 

It's cloudy and almost looks like snow clouds instead and that's one thing in the North Ga. mountains, you just never really know how much ice and when. 

Abbie is curled up beside me. Our Buck wood stove has been going now 48 hours straight. Woke up to some good hot coals yesterday morning and this morning and I've been keeping it going which is saving tremendously on gas and electric bills. It's been a consistent 76 degrees in here when it's below freezing outside. Can't beat that!

Last night I picked up a few stitches on a scarf I'm making, still in garter stitch in a grassy green. Then,  watching the weather on TV, PBS said Downton Abbey was coming on at 9pm, so I saddled up my sampler and worked on it a bit more watching the repeat episode. I can't wait for the new one on Sunday night!!! Mr. Darcy and me both, LOVE this series.

I hope where you are is keeping you warm and especially your hearts so that love can freely flow.

a sneak peak

Manor Red, Antique Rose and Milady's Teal, and Gold Leaf so far........

the knitted project with my Kindle is here.

I will be hand stitching in this pocket I sewed on the machine.

and when I hand stitch the lining in , THEN I have to make a flower from this fabbie and put where you see the rolled up extra.

My kindle cozy will be all ready for some kind of closure on it

I''m still loving my glass needles. XXX my fingers they last a leeeeetle bit longer.

This is a nice grassy green that could easily be a scarf into Spring, I'm thinking with pinks.

So this is what is going on at the spot of the map called Sautee, GA.

My stitching, knitting, lap-hugging, and writing buddy is here for me. She drags her blanket to me to wrap her at night.
I would say she is spoiled but I think it's beyond that now. 
She pulls out her stained potty paper in her pee pan when it's full, and looks at me to replace it.
I guess this is a bed n breakfast for her now. She is quite enjoying the stay.

Dinner last night here:
skillet oven-baked corn bread
dessert--- chocolate cream pie


This sampler will be for sale AFTER I finish stitching the model........yes, I will hurry.

I feel like I birthed a baby by the time I got through with this, but it was well worth it.

Till later stay warm and cozy,


  1. Wow so much snow..keep well dear and stay warm.
    Huge x

  2. It's cold here as well Jennifer, but we're quite close to the coast where it's really flat. If we get any snow at all it's a big deal! I doubt that we'll see any.

    We have had our wood stove going as well and just love the wonderful heat that radiates from it. Always nice with a fire and a good show on. Downton Abbey is loved here by us both as well. We both look forward to it every week and can't believe that the hour goes by so very fast.

    I'm doing a little knitting as well here. Making the scarves that I wear so often. Fun and quick. Your doing a great job with all your knitting Jennifer. Keep up the good work.

    You stay safe and warm in this cold weather.

  3. How fun to see how your home looked in the beginning!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Dearest Jennifer,
    Wow, what a snow you can get up north! We drove today to Emory, Atlanta and it was cold but no snow. Here it was also still freezing at 7:30 AM. Your Abbie is quite a sport with taking her stained pottie paper out... They have their personal servants I can tell you; the same for our felines. Luxurious B & B but ours is not as cozy warm as yours with the fireplace warmth. We keep it around 70-72°F and it feels good. In our bathrooms we got nice electric heating lamps from the ceiling; that is pure bliss!
    Enjoy your weekend and your work.

  5. Jennifer,
    After reading your blog, I decided to finally see what Downton Abbey is all about, and I have to thank you because I love it. I've only just started Season 1 on netflix, but I'm already hooked. Have you heard of or read the book An American Heiress? It was such a coincidence that the day started the series, this book came up on my page-a-day book calendar. When I read the summary I immediately thought of Downton Abbey.


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