Thursday, July 5, 2012

Abbie Presents.......

"Hey, I'm Abbie, you know, the spoiled one at the homestead. 

 This is my mama's new BAP next. She said it was from My Dear Friend book by Blackbird Designs.  She has all those strings and all and I picked it out.
Thought I'd show ya'll in her own stitching chair this morning.
She is finishing up a smaller project now.

Now, I hate to run but I'm fixing to take a nap. The day is tiring me out and I'm running late for my morning nap. My mama made this big pillow for her chair and instead of her using it for her back, I claim it as my morning nap spot. She doesn't mind because she loves me anyway."


  1. Dearest Abbie,

    You are one lucky canine girl! What a life in such a mountain SPA-DE-LUXE. But I'm happy for all of you; enjoy it every minute for as long as you live.

  2. Abbie, you're so cute and I'm sure your mama doesn't care one bit that you use her pillow for naps!!


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