Sunday, July 1, 2012

Making a new overstuffed pillow



after my distraction

Spent about 4-5 hours this morning and evening wiping down all the things that go back into the porch and it was a sandy painty, dusty.......did I say sandy? adventure. When it reached about 100 degrees, decided to stop that and got distracted with a piece of Waverly fabric that was square cut and found at a local thrift store or 50 cents.
I've had it for about a month but knew right away that it would go with the chaise outside if I make it as a large pillow covering.

I started with it like this........knees on the floor. I like to just get on the floor and size up and pin it. I know the table is better and I have one but that's just me.

I  had some vintage red ticking cloth in my stash and I thought this would go well with it.
I doubled up the fabbie to cut with the block.


make sure you put the two of the right sides together. I made the mistake of pinning around and then looking to see I had to unpin it all and rearrange.

And pin all the way around.

Discard to the side the remaining for other projects. Thinking of making some small matching pillows in heart shapes.

this is the truer color here up close.

I put in an old pillow from a bed and repurposed it to use for stuffing.
I had to also add a little more stuffing to fill it out and it will flatten as the chaise is laid in.....and next weekend when the temps drop to a high of 75, my hiney will be in this chaise at some point!

I used the sewing machine to do most of the sewing and then left a portion at the bottom to stitch by hand after I finished with the machine.
Seams look good, corners are stuffed.

I plopped it down here so when the wicker chaise is out flat, I can take a nap or read my Kindle OR actually work on a sampler. :P

This red cover I made last year for the long cushion because......I simply couldn't find one that long anywhere. I still have to make some black ties for the top and bottom.
Right now, with cleaning after the staining the floor job, I just got my old afghan out of the dryer for cooler nights.

This afghan I found in 2000 for 5 bucks in a thrift store. Yes, I love junkin'!
It's lasted many washings as well.

And for about 1.00, I think this was good thing.

This is my next home project. A Hoosier cabinet I've had for awhile. I love reading the history and watching people online re-finish/ and or paint them............for another day though.

And while jamming to Classic Rock, we continued on with the back porch while he was sweating gallons of water, pressure washing the side and finished sanding the stairs.

And so except for the blue paint tape...LOL....the back porch is done and probably cleaner than it has ever been. The red stain, I'm still lovin'.

And if you can stay mountain folks say.......take your shoes off and have a cup of something ice cold with good conversation!

If walls could talk.

Stay cool,


  1. Jennifer that looks so cozy and inviting,,and what a awesome fine on the pillow fabric and it turned out very nice..thanks for sharing..

  2. As I sit here with my feet in a nice cold tub of water, LOL...I'm thinkin' there ain't nothing wrong with "loving' your house too much" if said house is as enchanting as the one you have created. It is how I envision mine someday too. ...I'm workin' on it. XP An adorable refurbished pillow too by the way.

  3. Hi, Jennifer! I'm new to your blog, and am so glad to have found it. I absolutely love what you've done with your porch. It is so charming. I sure wish I had your talent of turning "junk"into true treasures.

  4. You really have a talent for decorating! Your porches look homey and comfortable. I just don't have that skill!

  5. CUTE pillow!!! It is perfect there!!

  6. Love it all!! So comfy and inviting!

  7. Your porch is looking great Jennifer and it really would be nice to have a cup of something cold.
    Stitching and chatting and a bit of frogging as a result of the last ☺

  8. Dearest Jennifer,

    It was hot today with 113°F here in the heart of Georgia. We just cooled off after a thunderstorm, with some rain...
    Your porch looks like ready for a magazine shoot! You will enjoy sitting there on a cool evening, that's for sure and well earned after all the hard work.
    It looks like it is all screened in or is it not? Our front porch is open but we don't keep furniture in there. Hope you can keep your nice pieces dry when it rains...
    Love to you,

  9. Well my shoes are off. Where do I sit?

  10. Looks absolutely perfect! Now if it would just cool down. It has been in the 100's here in Wisconsin for a week.

  11. TAG! You're it!

  12. What a fabulous porch! I have to admit, I'm terribly jealous. The pillow is lovely, and it all looks so inviting.

  13. It looked so cosy and you've decorated it beautifully, everything looked perfect including the new pillow.

    Happy Independence Day!

  14. It looked so cosy and you've decorated it beautifully, everything looked perfect including the new pillow.

    Happy Independence Day!


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