Saturday, July 7, 2012

Silhouettes in Needleart ~~~a shadow


 I'm really into those lately. To me, they are an interesting way of expressing the artsy side of needleart and not too hard to stitch up as it being monochromatic. Black thread seemed to be the vintage style and I"ve seen many of the old ones done in black in antique places.

It's really a shadow. Of a person. Whose identity is vague. However, there are particulars that create shadows particular to the person and this is what is the most intriguing in designing one.

I hope your weekend is full of light, and not shadows, even though shadows is when we look inward so no one can see the details of our facial expression, our pain, our memories.  Just a shadow.

Till later,

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  1. Beautiful! I love so many of the things you do and love to come by and see what new, gorgeous thing you're making. Hope you and Abbie have a wonderful and blessed Lord's Day!

    God bless you - Julie


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