Thursday, July 5, 2012

Finished sampler~~ My Everything

Finally finished My Everything sampler by The Sampler Girl. DMC monochromatic in 355. Linen is unknown wool-like multi on natural color......what a description, right?  Well, this was a fun piece to stitch. I really like the stitching around it but when framed you can't see but just the top and bottom of it.

When framed in this frame I had in my stash for years, it almost ---almost fits. Even though it does cut off the letters in a couple of spots close, I believe I'm going to keep it framed in this one.
I've had this frame since 2003. I'm glad I can repurpose it with a sampler. It's Mr. Darcy-approved! :)

Till later,


  1. Beautiful! I also love the frame :)


  2. Oh, wow, soooooo pretty, Jennifer. I love that frame. It's gorgeous. Good for you, finding a use for it!!

  3. I love that frame and the linen you used is really unusual - pity you don't know what it is - this is my first time lookin at your blog and I really like it - the photos of your house are lovely - you obviously have a natural flair for decorating - the colour palette you've used looks so warm and inviting - I just love all the handmade touches - I am now a follower and look forward to coming back and seeing more! :) take care

  4. Perfect thread color on the linen.... And yes,! I would use that frame for sure!!!! Winning combination---

    Take care,


  5. Dearest Jennifer,

    Why have things to perfection? The frame is too pretty for not using it.
    Love to you,


  6. I think the frame loos great.

  7. I think the frame is PERFECT! Very very lovely sampler.

  8. Perfectly imperfect!! Love it!

  9. I did this same piece, "My Everything" for my husband, Bill for Valentine's Day. I loved stitching it up and I made a pillow out of it.

    This is my very first time visiting your blog and I love it here. Friendly, warm and newsy. Great job. I'm becoming a follower.

    I too have a blog. Would love to have you stop in and say, "Howdy". I'm over at
    Cross’N My Stitches

  10. This is really nice, I love the frame too. I want to stitch in in brick red on a dark cream colored linen. This inspires me to add yet another project to my list!


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