Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fixing the Easter Basket Giveaway

Wednesday went by in a Flash, literally.....LOL. I digress on that.  And I'm so glad that is over. Fell in bed at 9pm, which is RARE for me and woke up at 9am. 12 beautiful hours of sleep. That is a true blessing for a chronic insomniac! Thank you, Lord!

I'm counting my blessings as when I came home, Body Guard announced that our downstairs furnace has expired. Blew up. Over. Deceased. Don't work. Whatever the words, that means a BIG expense coming our way and doesn't it pick the best times to do this? But I have trust that whatever it takes, God will provide.

I had hoped to fill an Easter basket full of new stitching things for someone special in a giveaway. And guess what?  I have decided to let go (please record this in history as letting go is hard) of some patterns that I have already stitched and need new homes. That's one of my chores today is to spend some time in the studio.
I had already bought a new pair of embroidery scissors and this will be included. In fact, I have 2 new pair!!!!  So this giveaway will be good anyways and life works in mysterious ways sometimes.

I miss making Easter baskets every Easter for my kids since they flew the nest. I think I will enjoy making this one for a lucky stitcher.

I will post later today with what's in it exactly and that's where you will be able to put your postings for a random draw.

So I must get busy in the studio and think of what this bunny is going to put in your Easter basket!

So if you would help me today, leave some names of your favorite designers on this posting to give me a guide. Thank you so much for your comments, they mean the world to me. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

And for all you bunny lovers like me, here is a design for you to stitch up. The Velveteen Rabbit is my favorite childhood book, as many of you know already so I've been dabbling with some small designs to put in a collection. Remember the Old Skin Horse?  Remember his words of wisdom?  Well this one is dedicated to him.  Also would look cute in a baby's nursery. And when I saw the color's the prettiest teal blue I have ever seen! The patchiness on the little ones is part of the story. If you haven't read the book you can actually read it free online. I don't have any websites handy to insert but google it and you will find it in free format. It's a great read to your children AND for adults. So much wisdom.

The Skin Horse---sampler

designed by Feathers in the Nest
copyright@ 2011

Color chart:

GA Cidarmill Brown (lightbrown)-borders
GA Dark Chocolate (darker brown) eyes, mouth
GA Huckleberry (teal)
CC Peanut Brittle ( the Skin Horse)
GA Adobe (patches on the rabbit)
CC Finley Gold (the cross and the crown)

Have fun and remember leave me your fave designers here for a guide while the bunny is working in the studio today!!!



  1. You are so kind to do a giveaway like this for Easter!

    Some of my favorite designers include Blue Ribbon Designs, Prairie Schooler, Lizzie Kate, and Little House Needleworks. There really are so many that I love, so it was hard to choose!

  2. You are too cute, a giveaway yay!
    My favorite designers list goes on and on, but a few of the "J'adore" are:

    With My Needle
    Blackbird Designs
    Blue Ribbon Designs
    Little House Designs
    Glory Bee Designs
    Midnight Stitching
    Bent Creek "Row" series

    and they all have blogs are most gracious as well.

    Thanks for the freebie, I love it and the colors.
    Have a great day!

  3. Hope you are having fun. Thanks for the hook up with the stitching bag. My favorite designers are blackbird designs and little house. Have a wonderful day...I am still feeling extremely sad.. Our bunny came back from the cremeatory.. it is like it just happened again...

  4. How sweet of you to put together a giveaway for Easter. My favorite designers' list is endless, but it includes:
    Blackbird Designs, Sampler Girl, Homespun Elegance, Bent Creek, Little House Needleworks
    Thanks for the lovely freebie.

  5. So sorry to hear about your furnace. I don't think those things ever happen at a good time. My favorite designers are Little House Needleworks and Blackbird Designs.

    Looking forward to your giveaway results.

  6. Hi Jennifer - I love your little designs - they are always so cute! I also like The Stitcherhood, Danybrod, IStitch, Blackbird Designs, LaDDa........Thank you so much for all of your freebies! Be blessed!

  7. OOO glad you had some sleep :) and what a wonderful chance to get some more stash :) my fav designers are LHN , Blackbird designs, Blue Ribbons and I'm just getting into the larger sampler ones :) hope that helps a bit love mouse xxxx

  8. I love the idea of your giveaway, can't wait.

    I'm sorry to hear of your boiler going kaputt and I do indeed hope the Lord provides..I've yet to see him not.

    Some of my favourite designers are The Sampler girl, LHN, CCN, Waxing Moon, Blackbird Designs, Blue Ribbon Designs, Lizzie Kate...I'll stop now as I've lots more :D

    Thank you for the ever so cute bunny chart I've just the project in mind for him.

  9. You are so sweet! I really like anything primitive, also LHN, CCN, etc. :)

  10. I love your giveaways they are always so great.
    Happy Easter. Sorry to hear about your furnace. Our tank went a few years ago, right after they filled it, what a pain. But all is well.
    My favorite designer would have to be YOU since that is the only stitcheries I have tried in years.
    I am just happy I have you to give me something I can accomplish and feel good about.
    So thanks.

  11. What a fun thing to do. I need to do another giveaway real soon. They are too much fun.

    Some of my favorite designers are The Drawn Thread, Blackbird Designs, Little House Needleworks, With My Needle, Sampler Works, etc, etc. Anything with an alphabet in it.

    Have a wonderful day!
    Peggy H.

  12. Sorry about the furnace. At least we are at the end of the heating season. My A/C blew up in the middle of a heat wave 2 years ago. Not fun!

    The Velveteen Rabbit was always a favorite to read to the kids when they were little. Cute chart!

  13. Jennifer, It is so sweet of you to put together an Easter basket. How fun. I know what you mean about making up Easter baskets for your kids. I still do and both my kids are teenagers, but Easter isn't Easter without that chocolate bunny ;). I too love The Velveteen of my most precious childhood books....and I read it over and over to my kids when they were this pattern is wonderful...thank-you for sharing. Some of my favorite designers are the Sampler Girl, Blackbird Designs and Little House Needleworks. Hope you are having fun helping the bunny out by putting your basket together and that your day is a good one.

  14. Hello, I like your blog a lot. I´ll look after the tale, great option google ;-DDD
    I don´t have a favorite designer, but a style. I like Blackbird Design, LHN, Bent Creek, CCN,... I think almost each designer has at least one that I would like to stitch.
    Thanks for your blog, your words and for the giveaway.

  15. Hi Jennifer,

    Love the freebie. I am going to stitch it to go with the velveteen rabbit book as well for a great baby gift. So cute! Thanks! Some of my favorite designers are Lizzie Kate, Little House Needleworks, Country Cottage Needleworks and Blackbird designs.

  16. I love the Velveteen Rabbit - I put that book out every Christmas along with one called The Cripple Lamb - Awesome stories for kids !!

    I love Bunnies ;)

    You asked about favorite desingers:
    LHN & BBD of course - But I wouldn't mind trying some new ones that I haven't tried before - There are so many appearing on the blogs that I have yet to try

    Have a great day
    (I'm glad you enjoyed some rest)

  17. Some of my favorite designers are
    Blackbird Designs, Little House Needle Works, Carriage House Samplings, Sampler Girl...just to name a few. Have a great day!

  18. What a beautiful design!! Thank you for creating it!

    My favorite designers are Little House Needleworks, Just Nan, and Shepherds Bush. It is so sweet of you to put a basket together for a giveaway! I can't wait!

    God bless you - Julie

  19. Love the pattern - love the Velveteen Rabbit, too! Sorry about the furnace.
    Favorite designers - oh my, so many!
    Rosewood Manor, Blackbird, LHN, My Big Toe, Sampler Girl. :)

  20. Thanks for the freebie!

    Some of my favorite designers are:
    Blackbird Designs
    Little House Needleworks
    Prairie Schooler
    Homespun Elegance
    Lizzie Kate and ......


  21. What a wonderful and generous idea for a giveaway! I love all the designers mentioned, but especially Prairie Schooler. I also love the little Velveteen Rabbit chart! You have such a flair for "sweet" things! I am jealous of your sleep! I will try to match your 12 hours tonight! Thank you for your lovely blog, as always!

  22. You are too generous..thank you so much I love giveaway's.
    There are really so many designers too choose from that i love. Here are a few that come to mind
    Prairie Schooler, Lizzie Kate, and Little House Needleworks.

  23. Hmmm... let's see..favorite designers? Here is the short list: LHN, CCN, The Sampler Girl, Blackbird, La-D-Da, Brightneedle, My Big Toe, IStitch and Stitcherhood. Of course, there are loads more... but another day! Hugs.

  24. What a great idea! I too miss the fun of making Easter baskets for the kids, and can't do them for the grand children because their momma (my daughter) doesn't want them to have much candy! Boo! So, I have to limit myself to little gift bags of a small amount of goodies.

    A couple of my favorite designers are Black Bird Designs, Little House Needleworks, Plum Street Samplers, and several french ones that I can't remember how to spell!

    Have a happy weekend!

  25. Jennifer, love the new freebie! I can imagine substituting a baby's name where "The Skin Horse" is and giving this along with the book as a baby gift!

    Giveaways are so fun and you always put together a good one! I like many designers - funny thing is that I always admire those you've done by the Sampler Girl, but don't have many at all! I know I would love any that you chose.

  26. What a nice giveaway!!! I love Blackbird Designs,Prairie Schooler,
    Little House Needleworks, Sampler Girl, La D-Da, Workbasket, Niky's Creations, Homespun Elegance... I could go on and on...
    sorry about your furnace!!! It just never ends....
    Thanks for the great giveaway.

  27. Jennifer, I silently follow your blog and enjoy checking in with you through your posts. Samplers are always good for me.
    Blackbird Designs
    La D Da
    Bent Creek
    Carriage House Samplings
    Prairie Schooler
    Homespun Elegance
    Raise the Roof designs crack me up
    Shepherd's Bush
    Ewe and I and Friends
    Fanci That
    Oh my I could go on and on. It appears most of us like the same sort of designers.
    Have a great day!

    Sorry about your furnace, we've been told our air conditioner is on it's last legs.

  28. Great idea! I have difficulty parting with my charts...not sure why, maybe saving for future generation!
    Some of my favorite designers are Carriage House, Rosewood Manor,Milady's Needle,and Blackbird Designs.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  29. What a generous giveaway!
    Some of my favorites are Little House, Blackbird, La-D-Da,Country Cottage,CHS,Good Huswife,etc.
    But anything will strike my fancy! :)

  30. I always have to think about my favorite designers, and I almost forgot to come back! I like My Big Toe, LHN, Jardin Prive' - and a little bit or a lot from many other designers. It's hard to choose just a few, lol. Thanks for this chance, as well as your own designs, especially the Velveteen Rabbit, which is so meaningful.

  31. Thanks for this giveaway. Some of my favourite designs are: LHN,Niky´s creations, BBD,Liberty Primitive Needdle, Kazuko Aoki...
    I´m doing a gu¡iveaway too. Do you want to participate??

  32. I LOVE The Velveteen Rabbit! One of my favorite books :o) Thank you so much for the adorable freebie.

  33. Am I too too late??? Ihave been out of the loop went on vacation with the Geek Squad. I love Blackbird Designs, Little House Designs and With My Needle just to name a few...but I would not be fussy!

  34. Thank you for the chart Jennifer! I've always loved "The Velveteen Rabbit" and so did all four of my children. Now I get to enjoy reading it to my Granddaughter.

    You are such a generous stitcher, and I think the idea of sharing previously used charts is even nicer than new ones!

    I'm so sorry to hear about the unexpected expense to replace the furnace, but glad it happened in the early Spring rather than the dead of Winter.


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