Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hanging Out with Me

I was slightly distracted today, working in the studio with this beautiful Dogwood tree outside the window. It's so big you can see part of it here and out the kitchen on main level.
It's so tall that a good picture would not be possible without a mighty tall ladder!

So, in my mantra of embracing serendipity, I stopped to take some pics to share.

Body Guard came home in a pensive mood as a small part of his tax forms are missing~~~ kinda called a W-2,  which could be on any of the 3 levels of our house. When in these pensive serious moments, I get distracted with other things in a lighter mood. It seems to balance out things like tax documents. Opposites do attract. ;)

Anyways, in the moment of snapping a couple of pics I decided to open the window that rolls outward and see if I could just barely sit on the edge a bit and get some closer pics of the lovely Dogwood tree in full bloom.

And then he came upstairs and went WHAT?

Well it put the tax form hunt in perspective.

He started sweating more then.

I love Dogwood trees. I especially love the pink ones. But the ones that sprout about our neck of the woods are white.

See, the glare with the window.

Well, let's fix that.

Speaking of Dog. That is a bear dog walking on a path. Yep, Raven. She doesn't know yet I'm up here.

yep, the path is getting worn. She has routines in the day. They take a good swim in the pond below and then we stop hearing the ducks quack too much........ yikes.

And that's how I got these clearer views.

I almost leaned too much.

Body Guard was getting squimmish by this time. Kinda like when we rode the Ferris Wheel years ago on a date. He really is not one for heights. That's a story for another day. I digress........

Yeppers that's about 30 feet down to a "supposedly" garden I have never yet tended.
I need to find some shade-loving plants for the middle. We do have some Hostas that come back year after year. After the third time I yelled "snake" I quit with gardening. Snakes scare me to death.

closer up and hanging out literally!

This was worth "hanging out" for! :0

Peak bloom.

And here a few bunnies hanging out with me in the studio while I come up with some basket goodies. Meghan, I just can't give them up. They are waiting for you to visit! ;)

Now back to sorting.

I hope you won't be dissapointed. I'm pulling some patterns that I've stitched and I hardly ever (really can't think of any) that I stitch twice. So a little love to share later. I've made a good mess of floss and patterns.
Methinks I need to get back to it.

Thanks for hanging with me,



  1. And I thought the dog was a wolf at first!! Beautiful photos!

  2. Beautiful pics, Jennifer! Thanks for sharing them. :)

  3. Those are now? I still have snowbanks lol. Your pics are beautiful. Can't wait it won't be long now.

  4. Beautiful pictures, I love dogwood trees, but please be carefull, that is a long way down!

  5. The Dogwoods are just beautiful.
    Loved your trip to Williamsburg.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  6. I'm with Bodyguard - you'd have scared me to death! But the photos are gorgeous, I have to admit, lol. Your Easter basket is going to be so much fun!

  7. Thanks so much for sharing the beauty from your "Nest of the Woods"... gorgeous!!

  8. Great pictures with a scary story! No hanging out of windows for me - I can't stand on a chair without getting the feeling that I'm going to fall!

  9. Your pics are beautiful! Hope BG found what he was looking for and recovered from the fright you gave him!

  10. I was out taking pics of the Dogwoods the other day, too - I was fortunate enough to be able to stand on the slope, as opposed to hanging out a window :) I am about to have irises - have seen a few this week already :)

    I don't garden since our yard was taken over by the fire ants :( The guy across the street gets rid of them, they tunnel under the road to our house. We send 'em back over, etc. I'll almost take snakes over those %#$& ants....

  11. Beautiful pictures!! I love dogwoods too. :)

  12. Dogwood blooms are so pretty and delicate. Thanks for taking your life in your hands to get those photos!

  13. Lovely pictures and a little scary trying to get them.

  14. lovely pics and blimey it was a long way down !!! hope BG has recovered and found what he was looking for :)
    love mouse xxxx

  15. The dogwood blooms are beautiful! Thanks for sharing those with us. As you go through the patterns you no longer wish to keep, if you have a Blackbird Designs "Spring Fling" pattern, I'd love to buy it from you. Thanks again for your blog. Kate

  16. Great pics Jennifer, the Dogwoods are so pretty.
    We are having major rain this weekend in WI. :(
    April showers bring May flowers?
    Pat-pat for Abbie. :)

  17. Great photos! Thanks for risking your life to get them! I have a Magnolia that bloomed this week but with the wind and rain we have had I never got to take a picture of it this year. Now it looks like it was pulled through a keyhole backwards and isn't picture worthy anymore. :(

  18. I am kinda new to your blog. Never posted but have read a lot. You seem like a real neat lady. Love the bunnies. I am a KY girl and am really enjoying the dogwoods and tulips ect. this time of the year.
    Hope you have a great Easter season.

  19. Hi. I just visited your blog and enjoyed the photos and your posts. When I saw Ren, I remembered that I had read your blog in the past, and cried like a baby for him. Glad I found you again.

  20. What a stunning tree to have in your garden such a blessing.

  21. My goodness, that Dogwood tree is just beautiful!


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