Sunday, April 10, 2011

Progress on Pink Hill Manor by Blackbird Designs

Pink Hill Manor by Blackbird Designs

Work in progress as of last night

This is a pattern I picked up while at In Stitches Needlework shop on our trip. I just can't put it down now as the pinks are so beautiful integrated together. Of course, pink is my favorite color and I'm stitching this as  just one piece not in the large collection of the Anniversaries of the Heart collection together.
I have a special place for this piece. I've been meaning to order this one for a year now. Finally, I find it's just as much beautiful as the picture  : o

With the inspiration of pinks, I designed a couple of samplers as well. Can't wait to share!

Till later,
Hope your weekend was as restful and peaceful as mine!


  1. It is beautiful and you are really making good progress!

  2. I love this piece and the colors are so pretty

  3. Love the delicate colours in this piece. Great progress and lovely stitching.

  4. oooo it does look scrummy :) well done on your progress .. it one I've got my eye on too just need to save up :) love mouse xxx

  5. Its gorgeous, I love the colours and I would not be maybe the post "pink" of people. I think I shall have to put this chart on my wishlist, thank you for the inspiration.

  6. Very pretty stitching Jennifer...and the colors are really lovely!

  7. Wow! I am with Donna on is beautiful and you are so fast, while still keeping such perfect stitches, and I love love love the always my inspiration!
    Hugs for a great day. :)

  8. So pretty, just love the soft colors!

  9. Commenting on your recent blogs~

    Love your RaK made from gifts--that' s what it's all about!

    Love your Colonial Williamsburg. :)

    I love that you and BG had some giddy-fun-together moments on your trip. It's not very nice that they laughed at you! I secretly think that all Marc's friends (who are now mine, too) are disappointed that I don't speak with any discernible accent (I grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma). I think they were really looking forward to heckling it! :D (Lived here in NJ over 5 years now. ) I'll confess that I do like to parrot Paula Dean quotes, however. My bosom pal went to college in Savannah and knows some funny stories about her! I think my love for mocking her has more to do with disbelief about "Lasawnya Sanwyches" and her use of acrylic nails as a deep-frying aid than any amusement about the South, though! :)

    Oh, what wonderful stash! I love all of it, especially your project bag. Those black mesh bags with the sampler fabby accent just speak to me. :D Please show us your RM thread winders when you're using them. How special that you got to visit with your friend Tanya. :)

    Poor teething Abby; I'm also a sucker for a special, erudite new book! :D Thanks for sharing.

    Pink Hill Manor is going well; I especially enjoyed the photos of Delft and homegoods from your trip. :)

  10. Looks great! You stitch so fast.


  11. Love your progress on Pink Hill Manor. This one is such a pretty piece. I just started stitching this one too.


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