Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Twisted Tuesday--the colors of pink

I put a few more stitches in Pink Hill Manor by BBD.

This linen is 30 ct R & R Irish Creme

I can only work on this linen landscape as our 3 level cottage in the woods has thick yellow pollen everywhere, therefore I'm trying not to scratch my eyes out with ezcema this week but even with antihistamines.........it's kinda hard! ;)

The colors are beautiful and some are very close to the linen color itself.

My before pic for progress is :

~~~~~~~working on the windows when I had to stop and get some shut-eye

I think I better close in those windows tomorrow night.

 It's definitely peak allergy season for me right now.

Scratch. Itch. Scratch. Itch.

And I have to be in a formal picture tomorrow. Let's pray my eyes are not swollen shut and red.

Kinda like GA Old Red Paint.  :o


  1. I kinda like that Old Red Paint thread too! It is looking gorgeous! Hugs.

  2. Thank you Maggee! I needed a hug today... {HUG}

  3. Sorry about the allergies. My daughter has horrible allergies and just today was complaining about sneezing uncontrollably for 5 minutes when she got up this morning. I just shook my head and told her the forsythia was blooming. 'Nuff said!

    Pretty stitching!

  4. sorry to hear about the allergies. Those are awful. How about you tell me what to do and I will stitch and you not scratch your eyes out? that would just be gross by the way :)

  5. Your Pink House WIP is coming along great! I really like the fabric you're using. It really goes well with the soft pink colors. Hope you're feeling better soon. Pollen is not my friend, either!

  6. ooo looking lovely :) sorry to hear the pollen count is soooo high n making you itch and scratch .. not much fun is it (hugs) love mouse xxxx

  7. Its looking fab, still in love with this pattern.
    Hope you eyes are not too swollen and red.

  8. Beautiful progress. Can't wait to get back to mine on Friday:)

  9. Kat, you made me laught his morning and I needed a good laugh!!!

    Thanks to all on the compliments!


  10. So pretty! Love the colors, warm, soft and inviting. I have been battling the messy eyed allergies, too! I guess it's part of the price we pay for spring time. But the melody of the chirping birds seems to help! Smiles.....

  11. Beautiful progress! Spring pollen is in the air here too.

  12. Pink Hill is so pretty!!!

    I remember the yellow pine pollen from when I lived in NC - my eyes would itch something terrible - they would almost close up - pollen is the single thing I do not miss from NC.

    Big hugz from a fellow sufferer!!

  13. Oh, I hear you on allergy season! It's so sad b/c it's so nice out and one wants all the windows open!

    This is beautiful progress; thanks for sharing a pic of the threadkeeps with us, too! :D

  14. Ohhhhh Pink Hill Manor is just beautiful, I love the colors, they are so rich and inviting. This is a must have for my stash :). I am sorry to hear about your allergies, miserable absolutely miserable...sending a hug your way...

  15. Great progress, but horrible about the pollen, hope it's not to unbearable.
    O.R.Paint only looks good on linen LOL.
    Love your story on the Wood shop, so many Dutch moved to the USA, love the history:))

  16. Gorgeous stitching. Hope your allergy will be better soon.


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