Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Abbie's news

I'm a lap dog fur-evah and I don't know how I got this way

My ears are lookin' like bunny ears.. My mom kisses my head alot so lipstick just blends right in there on top of my head. She even kissed me after I had a little anxiety and chewed her book on the sofa today!

I've perfected the back rub pose.
~~~the belly rub pose
~~~the gitcha-gitcha game
~~begging for pizza crust
~~wearing orts in all colors and brands
~~~fetching toys in favorite order of, blue bunny bob, pink pig, dolly,tiger, chicken1, chicken 2, winnie the pooh, and teddy bear. I think I left out about 20 more.
They are all jingling in the dryer after a good bath!
Fun time with all clean toys tomorrow.
But for now...........nite.



  1. Just love you, little Abbie!! You remind me so much of my little fur-girl, Holly. She has all those poses down great, too, and loves kisses on her head! Sweet dreams!


  2. aww she is soo cute :) our dog bracken used to be the same with his toys :) he was an English springer spaniel soo a wee bit bigger than Abbie love mouse xxx

  3. Oh Abbie, you are just to darn cute! LOVE your pink ears. :)
    Keep up the good work spoiling your owners. lol
    Pat-pat for you!

  4. Abbie you are just tooooo adorable.
    It is always a good thing to be loved, you can never get enough of that....as well as toys, treats and plenty of playtime ;). My yellow lab,Molly, thinks she is a lap dog and curls right on up there with us....her favorite toys are candy cane, which is bigger then she is...grins, teddy bear and soccer ball as well as any and all socks she can find...Hope you are having a good day...


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