Thursday, June 9, 2011

What I been doing besides stitching

Home today and cleaning like it's Spring instead of Summer. I don't know who stitched this. I bought this already framed and stitched. While I was cleaning, I looked up and saw this and took a pic.
I think it's so true.

Also just out of the oven is Blueberry Cobbler.

It is very Yum!

Eazy, Peazy to make and puts smiles on faces  ;)

Last night and this morning, I finally finished sorting and bagging threads and linen. Honestly, I think I have enough for quite a while.

 I can't believe I just said that.

 I had to do some inventory to see what I really had and what I didn't have.

Oh, but the laundry area and the office are looking better, but still got lots of Spring/Summer cleaning to do in there.

Abbie today on a freshly, washed quilt.

She has a rough life........

She's really ignoring me while I eat some Blueberry Cobbler. ;)

Back to cleaning........hope your Thursday was happy and yummy.



  1. I must say I like what you have done with your blog! The background really suits it well!!

    I always love seeing pics of your Miss Abby. She's just adorable.

    Thanks for sharing with us, as always.

  2. Oh that cobbler looks yummy! And Abbie looks like a princess waiting to be served!

  3. I need a couple of days to do a major spring/summer cleaning too. Now, you must know you can't flash a yummy picture of cobbler and not include a recipe. Inquiring minds want to know about easy peasy!

  4. That is darling, Jennifer, and so true! Cobbler looks good! Glad you're doing some spring cleaning. We all hate it, but it has to be done!

  5. that's it I'm hungry now .. that berry cobbler looks lovely and scrummy :) Miss Abbie looks sooo cute on the duvet ... and well done for doing the sort out :) love mouse xxxx

  6. Cute stitched piece, and the Cobbler looks delicious!
    Abbie is ignoring you, but you KNOW shw wants a piece. lol
    Pat-Pat for Abbie.

  7. Oh that cobbler looks divine, missy. So gorgeous :)

    Miss Abbie, poor unloved and un spoiled little girl...NOT :)

    You are just adorable, Peaches, and I love the blog. :)

    Your Ma


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