Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Progress on Ann Hill and Junkin' and Nesting adventures

Well, yesterday was a busy day at work, so I didn't even sign on the computer to write.

Sunday night I spent a good deal of time stitching and frogging out and then repeat, this border of Ann Hill. I think I'm getting the hang of it now. It's going to be a large one so I will have much practice.

I have had questions in the past from readers if I stitch in hand or in a frame or how?

Well, the answer is complex. It depends on the stiffness of the linen, the size of the linen, etc. I normally use Qsnaps in hand or my Needlework 4 system stand. I have used regular wooden hoops on some occasions. They just leave such markings to iron out that I rarely use them.  I have a ruptured disk in my neck so I learned awhile back not to stitch much just in hand. It flares that up. AND I did part of Sunday and I'm still with a flared left arm and neck even today but it will get better.

 After I got the left corner started, I put it in a large Qsnap and put it in the needlework stand which was much better. The linen, supplied in this sampler kit from Colonial Williamsburg, gave only 2 and a quarter  inches around the edge when it was cut. I usually like a bit larger when I know I will be working on it for a while. BUT, make do and try to learn.......  :)

The colors are beautiful in Ann Hill. The pink flowers are so dainty. For some reason (probably because I was watching all the Casey Anthony stuff on TV) I kept miscounting and had to frog twice, because you know how borders go.......it's a sunken feeling when you get around to the other side and it's not meeting up right.....LOL

No fancy overdyed threads, just DMC.

35 ct linen, antique ivory

I will have to add that this linen could probably stand straight up on the floor it's so stiff. But I kind of rather work with that instead of really limp, stretchy linen.

On Pink Hill Manor by Blackbird Designs, I'm here. I really just needed to do the border but I had to give my eyes a break from the muted colors on this linen. With glaucoma, contrasting with muted colors is really a challenge for me now.  I hope to finish this one up soon and frame.

Speaking of color, I still love my pincushion, I treasure it from our Williamsburg trip.

Other things around the house, include this beautiful rose blooming this morning. You can see that the plants aren't that healthy. I essentially do nothing in this gardening area. What blooms---- blooms.

 Once I found a snake while trimming back the roses and I surrendered to weedy, wild growth after that. ;)

Flossie Mae has graduated with honors to the yard now! She stays on the porches and runs up and down. Thomas is keeping his watch over her. They have a love/hate relationship seems. One minute he is hissing at her, next minute he is watching her and keeping her close to the house.

 Last night we brought her back in for the night so gradually she is getting used to her new territory.
{yes, we have painting to do on the porch. It's an endless task}

My dearest friend Dot, who just moved away ( so sad), left me with one of her wreaths she had for years.
I have used it for a  year now, and change the bows depending on the season and it's holding up well. I miss her alot. I put a simple Waverley ribbon bow on it for the Summer.

Sunday afternoon I went junkin' around at one of my favorite junk stores. I found this for 50 cents.
Each day it gives a lovely reminder on that date and we read it.


and today

Well worth the money for positive thoughts, word vitamins to see each morning when we take our regular vitamins. Feed the body, feed the soul.

And here is Raven, the Lab just diagnosed with diabetes. She is doing well with her insulin injections twice a day and expects belly rubs each morning, as you can see. She does have a persistent limping on her right back leg and it's bothering her so another trip to the vet soon. I suspect she has arthritis. Raven is the Lab that got hit by a car a couple or more years ago and had extensive surgery. We were surprised she lived through it. I think she will probably have alot of arthritis from those old wounds.

There's always something going on, isn't there?

But life is that way.

 We journey with those who have the courage to ride the bumps in the road with us and hopefully in turn we can give good back to those who have some bumps also. But there are those that simply reject it and we move on, knowing we did our best with what we have and pray they cope with their own issues at hand.

A couple of other things that were heart-felt from the thrift store are here:

a vintage cotton feedsack tea towel. LOVED it!

with a blue basket to put some nice summer flowers in.

I actually got the flowers from a primitive store local called Hearts and Flowers. I love that place. It's in an old house built in the 1800's and filled with vintage goodies. If I'm looking for flowers or candles or anything extremely primitive.

I've got to rearrange the towels but just for you to see.......in the corner of the kitchen.

back at the thrift store finds---- this wood frame.

I thought it would make a cute frame for a design I make for the 4th of July and my Americana sampler wall.

And last but not least, this is from Hearts and Flowers. I picked out this necklace which has almost a sampler motif style on each side. There were others, but this one won my heart.

Here's the other side of it:

I hope your week is going well and your journey is full of joy!


  1. Flossie Mae is such a bonnie little puss cat - she looks very sweet.

  2. Great post, Jennifer! Love your progress on both pieces - sorry you had to frog the border but it's looking great! Your BBD piece is really pretty, too.

    So much to comment on - I'm sure I'll forget something.... Love your pincushion from Wmsburg the fabrics are wonderful.

    Oooh, I love the print on the towel you found. It is so vintagey and sweet. You found some other great things as well.

    Hope you're feeling better, soon.

  3. Great post, Jennifer! Love your progress on both pieces - sorry you had to frog the border but it's looking great! Your BBD piece is really pretty, too.

    So much to comment on - I'm sure I'll forget something.... Love your pincushion from Wmsburg the fabrics are wonderful.

    Oooh, I love the print on the towel you found. It is so vintagey and sweet. You found some other great things as well.

    Hope you're feeling better, soon.

  4. Wow, you have so much going on I almost don't know where to start! I too love the delicate pink flowers. They're lovely against the green. Grats on the progress on both projects. Flossie Mae is adorable. Kittens are so cute. Sorry to hear about Raven. I hope you can keep up a good quality of life, even with the arthritis and the diabetes. Hope you're having a good day!!

  5. Love Ann Hill, she turns out so beautiful. Although I for one can't stitch on linen with so much starch. I need it to be soft...lol. Shows how different our preferences are isn't it?
    Sorry that you had to frog the border twice.
    Your BBD is looking lovely and that pincushion of yours is wonderful. I can see why you're still in love with it.
    Your little cat is growing really fast isn't she? Hopefully your lab will be all right

  6. Hi Jennifer. I love your progress on Ann Hill. I have a sign sampler in my sights, Elizabeth Sheffield by The Scarlet Letter. I found some gorgeious 32 ct. Nightingale fabric in my stash. I find much inspiration from your posts about stitching. I am trying to accomplish a great deal more in my stitching this summer. I am finishing up a simple Becky and Max by the Kindhearted Woman,who I don't think designs any more. Then I have Finch Song by Shepherd's Bush and Elizabeth Sheffield by The Scarlet Letter, plus a few by The Sampler Girl.

  7. You had a lot of nice finds at the thrift store! Flossie Mae is so very cute!!

  8. What a post - so full of goodies! Love the dainty border on Ann and your almost there on the BBD design! I love the necklace you bought and the vintage tea towel! As always, your critters are too cute! Hope you are feeling better!

  9. Jennifer, I so look forward to reading your blog each day. It's always interesting, well written and the pictures are fantastic. I also have a house in the "north Georgia mountains" and am counting the days until I can retire and move up there full time. Until then, I'll just have to be content to visit as often as I can.

  10. Love the progress on both your projects! Raven is so cute in that photo with her tongue sticking out. Boy, did you find some good stuff or what?!

  11. Great Stitching! That little Flossie kitty is darling! How do you train her to stay away from bad snakes?

    What is Ms Abbie up to lately?

    Have a great week,

  12. Sorry the frogs have been visiting you in the mountains but you just keep them up there this summer and I'll be a happy gal.
    Flossie May is growing so fast and I know deep down Thomas can't wait to show her all around the grounds.
    I love, love Hearts and Flowers...such a treasure and I always have to make 10 trips thru the store before checking out. I find something new on each passthru to add to my pile.

  13. What a great post, so much to comment on! The BBD is great and your kitten is so cute.

  14. I loved reading your post, Jennifer. You are making lovely progress on both Ann and Pink Hill Manor...love the sweet, soft colours of both pieces. Flossie Mae is so adorable. Kittens are so precious. Your Williamsburg pincushion is really beautiful.

    My goodness, but you have found some really special vintage things..love the pictures.

    Thank you for sharing with all of us and for the special "words of the day" too...they are blessings!


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