Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Doggie Fairy is flying around the window right now

Yeppers, Ms. Abbie kept acting like something was in her mouth for 2 hours, like peanut butter and it was bothering her bad and then a baby tooth popped out onto my pants. Poor Abbie. She snarled (has never done that) to BG when he was trying to see what was wrong.

and feminine, foo,foo snarls are funny.


Don't tell Miss Abbie that BG threw away her tooth instead of saving it for the tooth fairy.....LOL

She's my sugar lump.

She is usually happy but tonight she was a little vinegar.

Hope your weekend has started out great!
(and the tooth fairy leaves something under your pillow too)


  1. awwwww naughty BG no goodies from the tooth fairy now for Miss Abbie shame on him hope she is feeling a wee bit better now ...there is no fun having toothache .. big cuddle to miss Abbie love mouse xxxx

  2. I didn't know dogs had baby teeth! Poor little thing, maybe you should get her some doggie ice cream to sooth her little mouth. ; )

  3. Sorry Miss Abbie has a sore mouth and won't get a tooth fairy visit on top of that! Maybe a little ice cream would make her feel better!


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