Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday progress

I'm barely functioning at a snail's pace on this computer so I'm croxxing my fingers it's going to go through.
Plan on getting a new one tomorrow hopefully. I think  a virus damaged this one pretty bad.
So far, I have only 3-4 lines left on this one.

The frame came in yesterday, wrong size....but called The Frame Guys and the owner is SO nice. I've done alot of business with them, as costs are great there and he is mailing me the right size one. I told him I would ship this one back, it's a 10 x 10 and supposed to have been 8 x 12. He said no way, he insisted I keep the 10 x 10 one and he was going to make the other one today to mail. One thing on my list for today accomplished!

And look who says....."Slow down today, girl!!!"
I've been at the eye doc for 2 hours then lunched and trying to get some other errands done. One more to go today and then I'm planning on working on nothing but this after dinner. Might even finish it up??? 

Here she is, Miss Abigail, in her yoga pose, very full after eating some leftover ham and cheese omelet I brought home to her. She's a happy furbaby now!

Well, XXX my fingers I'll be able to sign on again till the computer crashes completely again tonight.
I do treasure your visits here and hopefully one day will have a set up where I can print and have a reliable computer for working. Right now it's hanging by a hair. I did get a printer, now to figure out how to hook it up to a new computer.
But God works in mysterious ways and teaches me something new every day.

Till again stay safe and stitchy happy,


  1. I guess you will just have to make another design to fit the 10x10 frame!!! Abbie looks so content. Hope all went well at the eye doc. Hugs!

  2. Lovely progress!

    I hope you get your new computer soon. I know I hate to be away for too long when mine acts up.

  3. oooo its lovely :) and your framer is such a nice chap :) .. love the yoga pose wish I could do that hehehe ... love mouse xxxx

  4. Your Royal Wedding piece is looking wonderful and I can't wait to see it framed. Don't you just love good business and that personal touch, its what makes you become a return customer, course good prices help too ! lol

  5. Love your sampler!!!!!! It is going to look so beautiful finished...I can hardly wait! Abbie is just soooo cute and looks so cozy....mmmmm maybe a nap isn't such a bad idea...grins...hope you can get a new computer, I know how hard it is with viruses etc. It still surprises me that even though I did not grow up with a computer, how much I depend on one now. My kids always ask what we ever did without computers,cell phones and all the tech stuff that is just such a part of their world. Somehow we managed, oh yes somehow we managed....grins...Sending a hug your way. Thinking of you often...

  6. Love your finished piece. Pity that you got the wrong frame. On the other hand, your frame shop solved it rather nice and fast. Leaves you with another frame to fill :)
    Abby looks cute as always

  7. Dearest Jennifer,

    Good luck for finishing this; looks great.
    Your furbaby is a lucky one for receiving such a loving shelter.

    Lots of love,


  8. Great progress! That was so nice of the frame guy to let you keep the 10 X 10 says that he appreciates his customers!

    Abbie is so cute!

  9. Love this piece - hope the new frame fits better!

  10. I hope you get the new PC up and running ASAP. It sucks to be without all the features!! Can't wait to see your Princess Moment finished and framed!!


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