Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cool summers, back porches, frogs, and nesting = HOME

If ya'll know me.......you know how I LOVE to feather the nest!  I've had some things for a while to show you and when I walked out on the back porch (our summer room of relaxation) I took a few pics. The temp right now at noon is 62 degrees here in the North Georgia Mountains and I'm off today. YEAH!

I had a couple of things to help my creative spirit last week. My best thrift find was this:

Yes, it's WAY too comfy and covenient for my laptop which fits perfectly on it and also a table top for sipping tea or stitching smaller pieces. I enjoyed it this morning and took it out since the weather was absolutely gorgeous to enjoy. I feel so blessed.

I got this bright red metal flower to add some cheer to my corner of the porch.

The stand was also a thrift find.

This old quilt block was thrown in a pile of "junk" at the store and I grabbed it up for pennies to make a cover for a pillow for this chair. I still have to finish it. Just wanted you to see it. It's all handsewn by some sweet soul years ago. I love the cheery, bright, but slightly faded colors in it.

The old crocheted blanket at the end I've had for about 10 years. Paid 5.00 at a thrift store in Augusta, Ga at the time. It's been well-used, one of Ren's previous favorite blankets. I miss him so!

This is one of two windchimes we have on the porch which plays calm tones with the gentle breezes. Got this last year at The Cracker Barrel in Pigeon Forge. Recognize the chair design?

Below this is an old wood glider chair, again, at a thrift store for less that Walmart plastic chairs. The spindles were firm, absolutely nothing wrong with this chair and fits perfect in the corner. Usually when we are out on the porch, BodyGuard sits here to smoke his pipe and ponder what makes folks tick....LOL

The seat is solid and it glides smooth but I put a cushion in it for comfort.

The wood handles are a bit worn. If they could only talk....I bet there are some stories behind the former owners of this rocker.

And my friend, Thomas, also known as Allergen, is peeking in while I roam on the porch.

I love this cat more than you'll EVER know!  He is a gift to us thanks to Brandon several years ago.

When I came inside, he resumes his favorite top of the settee on the side porch and he and Abbie have a love/hate relationship.....I mean, honestly, they do. It's quite funny.

Right now she is watching CNN but wait, till she sees Thomas.....

Thomas has never provoked her but I'm here to tell you Abigail Dalenberg dislikes cats like no other.

And I can't dare say I love you to Thomas as she gets very defensive and has been known to pout for hours after that.  LOL

This also at the thrift store in Cleveland, called The Mall. Needs dusting but I can only imagine stitching something up to put over the rod here. It's glass and has paper cuttings in it. Very pretty and great shabby chic.

I'm always on the lookout rummaging through the store for old frames and I saw this for 3 bucks. I will not remove the piece in this one though because it's too cute as it is. I had the perfect spot in our kitchen for it.

And I wanted to show you a scissor frog I got on Ebay last month.

A Williamsburg piece, SO much like the ones I saw in the museum......perfect for special scissors here.

on the bottom Colonial Williamsburg, Delft, restoration piece

Hope your afternoon is cool, colorful, and counted blessings!!!


  1. yo have some lovely pieces on your porch...it looks so comfy and inviting! I love that Williamsburg piece..what a find!

  2. Thanks for the tour of your back porch. It's very lovely and so peaceful looking.

  3. ooo a perfect spot for stitching there :)and lovely finds you have got at the thrift stores :) love mouse xxxx

  4. WOW!!! You always find great things while at your thrift shops! I love the cover you made for you pillow out of the pieces you picked up.

    LOL - Abby is so spoiled, and she knows it. I love your cat. He looks so regal on his perch in the window.

  5. Thank you for sharing all the wonderful eye candy! Do give me a shout out when you next head to the thrift shop and I'll jaunt over from Virginia ;-) Your finds are fabulous!

  6. Wow, lots of good stuff there. Thanks for the tour!!

  7. What a great place to sit and stitch! Love the glider.
    You have some nice finds there.
    Cute pic of Thomas too.
    Pat-pat for Abbie. :)

  8. What a fabulous space to relax and stitch - thanks for sharing it with us.

  9. So glad I found your blog... lots to see. Beautiful porch !
    Love the glider and your other thrift treasures.

  10. Loved the tour around your porch. Thomas is a cutie. Tell Abbie to zip it up....and leave the cat alone..lol (we tell our Lucy the very same - DAILY)
    Love your frog too.

  11. Love your back porch! My fondest summer memories from childhood are times spent on the porch with family on hot summer evenings.

  12. Wow! Love all your finds! I would LOVe to sit on your porch and stitch the day away! I think heaven would look something like your porch!!lol

  13. Your back porch looks so cool, relaxing and homey!


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