Sunday, May 15, 2011

Something Sweet for Sunday

I got the sweetest email from Jenny L. on Tuesday. So touching and encouraging that I wanted to share with you her pics she shared of some of my designs.
I love both of them. The pillow is precious and finished in such a soft beautiful pink gingham with covered buttons too!!!


And then we both share a pink bunny the same!  Yes, I told her I've had mine for years and years in my daughter's room. Don't you love the way she finished this little pillowkeep? The lace adds such a precious touch.

Her email and pics meant so much to me. She is definitely one sweet lady.
The email couldn't have come at a better time. It really touched my heart.
And when I saw it, read it, I felt alot of peace.
Thank you for writing Jenny!  ;)

Sunday mornings are a good opportunity to start the week brand new!
They are the most reflective time of the week for me whether at home on my back porch or in a church service. Early this morning I finished reading a book that I loaded in my Kindle called
What About Now? Reminders for Being in the Moment by Gina Lake

I started this book months ago and it's a good daily read. Each section, about 2 pages, suggests and explains about practical living. I really like the book as it was great to pick up each day at lunch and read a little section to think about. Lots of positive thoughts.

At the end of the book on the Kindle, this morning, the last page directs readers to her website. I glanced over it and immediately thought to share it with you on this Sunday morning in May.

She has a blog, a website, pages for online classes for spiritual growth, meditations, how to quiet the mind, and the list of her books which are encouraging and positive.

and here are some free excerpts from her books. After reading the first book, I may just have to load up my Kindle with a couple more as she really is so refreshing to read.

Till later,


  1. Lovely finishes of your designs!! Hope the rest of your Sunday is restful!

  2. Thank you Catherine. You are so sweet.......


  3. Thank-you for the kind words Jennifer. You touch so many people's lives through your blog...the book you were reading sounds wonderful...I need to look that one up....hope you had a good Sunday. Give Abbie a hug and a pat. I sure do love that bunny LOL

  4. Beautiful pics, Jennifer...what a blessing to have a finish as beautiful as your designs.

    Thanks for website...she is awesome!

    I hope that your day was peaceful.

    Your Ma

  5. How nice of Jennifer to share pictures of her finishes with you! Hope you had a peaceful Sunday!

  6. Wow, how cute. I live the pink gingham too. And the bunny is darling. I'm glad she wrote and touched your heart.


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