Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Hot, Saturday~~~~ Creative Spirit

We are ending another BEEEEautiful day here in North Georgia. I stitched a bit this morning with Abbie in between throwing her "bunny bob" so not much done but I went from:

to this little bit:

took the Qsnap apart to scroll down to the end. I've got my initials in the box next and then 2 more lines and FINISHED then!!!!
My new frame should be on it's way soon.

I watched half of The Last Song DVD by Nicholas Sparks (book) and when it got real sad in the middle, I had to stop it. I didn't think I could take the ending of it as I heard it was pretty sad.

Went to The Taste of Sautee this afternoon for a couple of hours which was good. 10 tastings (alot more than I ever thought and a glass to bring home ). I'll have to say it was pretty hot too. There were crafts and food there that I rambled through and picked up a couple of homemade soaps in Lavender and Rosemary made by a local artist. They are heavenly!
Maybe one day I'll enter some crafting day.

Yes, this is my purse with the wine glass from the event.

Yeppers, that's it!

I only tasted 7 though......honestly. It was so hot out there.

I also got to relax and listen with some folks who also believed in having a good time with the accompanying band---2 guitar lead....wish I could tell you their names but don't know it. I just know the music was great! I could have stayed much longer if it wasn't so hot. I got what they call "a hippee platter" while I was there which involved food I've not eaten with sour dough bread. It taste alot better than it looked. Let's say I think, hummus was one of the items.....looked like cheese grits to me and some broccoli/asparagus...didn't recognize it after 7 tastings....LOL

Came home and took Abbie for her first walk outside for 1 mile. She walked like she was a show dog and so proud of it too!
When we got back, I took her little vest off and she stretched straight out on the sofa with her tongue hanging out sideways. I believe she is a bit tired.

Let's just say today felt like the first day of real Summer here. HOT!
Still working on my computer issue. By Tuesday I'll be able to post, without it taking a whole hour to download each word.......can't wait!
But you are worth it tonight!!!

So I hear the world is ending tonight?????
well, let me head back to stitching if that happens so I can take my stitching stand and WIPS with me too!

Take care of your creative spirit and till later,



  1. Jennifer looks like you are having a fun day!! Your cheeks look a little rosy, be careful of the sun. I just had 2 spots of basal cell taken off my face. He had me put cocoa butter on them to heal and I had a reaction, lip swelled bigger than after the surgery now i am taking predisone and using a steriod cream. Canceled vacation to Mexico, I am afraid of getting burned. I am hoping you are still considering doing the saying about dancing in the rain. I would love to see it. Have a wonderful night. Off to stitch. Pat

  2. was HOT here too today. I took a nap. Well actually I collapsed on the bed where Masterchief found me.
    I'll bet Abbie had a wonderful walk. There's nothing better than fresh air.
    Be careful of that wine! It sneaks up on you and before you know it you're repeating yourself! (not that I would know) :O)

  3. yep, my Irish white skin got a little sun today. I'm not usually one in the sun at all because I burn very fast. I'm a mix of Irish and Indian.....LOL what a combo right?


  4. What a fun day. I would not have even lasted through 7 tastings...LOL... I burn very easy too, what with my German and Norwegian heritage, light skin and blond hair, too much sun equals very red , lobster color, burn. Tanning is not an option...grins...
    Abbie sounds like Molly when she gets her walk....great time and then SLEEP, unless of course food is around, and then BEG and then SLEEP. Glad you had a great day....

  5. Glad you had a productive day! Love your picture, you look relaxed and happy (I thought the flushed cheeks were from the wine tasting :)

    It's awesome that Abbie got to go for a walk-ey. I know she loved that. My dogs know the phrase "wanna go for a walk"? And then the whining starts and I have to honor my word. It's getting hot here too. And that is something I am not looking forward to. Have a great Sunday!

  6. sounds like a cool Hot day for you and watch the wine .. may be the letters will be better left hehehe love mouse xxxx

  7. Jennifer, it sounds like you had a relaxing and enjoyable day in spite of the heat. I've always wanted to go to a wine tasting and we do have a local winery not far from us. One day I'll talk the hubby into taking me.

    Wonderful picture of you - you're outside beauty matches the inside beauty that I see in your words.

    Oh, I noticed a comment about you burning easily and your ethnic heritage. I always laugh about mine cause I'm mostly German with Cherokee Indian on the side from my biological Dad (his Mom was 3/4). I have the dark hair, dark almond shaped eyes and even the hair on my arms & legs is dark. You'd think I'd at least not be SO easily burned, but I am. I have to be so careful in the sun.


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