Saturday, May 14, 2011

Simple Saturdays

Yep, I feel like it's catch-up hot dogs but plain ole' catching up. The week has flown by and I tried to get on Blogger for 24 hours Thursday to post progress pics and it was down. Last night I went straight to sleep after eating at the Mexican restaurant and 1/2 of a margarita......I must have been very tired. I slept 12 hours straight.

But here are a few more pics and I hope to work some more on this over the weekend. Today is a cloudy day and I think rain is predicted today but sunny tomorrow. In our area though sometimes the Weather Channel can get the prediction off a bit  :O

I've had many questions/emails on where you can get this design and who designed it.
Well, I designed it, Feathers in the Nest, and it will be available for sale when I finish stitching the model and have it framed. I will be posting updates.

I've really changed a bit of the colors on it since the original one I graphed out, but the pattern you get will reflect the changes.

I'm excited that I finally got a good printer this week. Next is looking for a better laptop as this one has many problems and hanging by a pun intended!

When I get this setup in my studio, I will have several finished samplers to browse through for sale.

So here is my progress before I start again this morning.....

I'm at about half way through this sampler now.  I'm so enjoying it!!!!

Check out my other blog where I'll post 2 beautfiul, gorgeous finishes by Janet. I got the sweetest email from her and she attached some pics of her finishes! They are awesome!!!

I found this wicker lap thingie at a thrift store on Thursday!  I was initially looking deals on frames because they have some good stuff usually and when I saw had to come home with me as I can use this for reading or stitching. I may spray paint this white, haven't decided. A treasure to me though!!!!!!!!!

Abbie is still in her sleep shirt this morning. She said it's a good day to snooze. ;)

I'm sipping the finishes of hot peach tea and it's soooooo good!

Till later,


  1. It's coming along nicely! Abbie looks so comfy-cozy!

  2. Your sampler is coming along really nicely Jennifer. I love this one too, but you are farther along then I am... needle really needs to start flying....oh so much to stitch so little time;)

  3. Looking good. You're gonna have it finished in no time at all!! Grats on the progress, and the acquisition!!

  4. The Sampler is looking great.
    Abbie looks so comfy in her night shirt, it's cute. :)
    Pat-pat for Abbie.


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