Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Twisted Tuesday---progress, stash boxes, positive reminders for balance


Well, I was so deeply saddened by the tragedy of Lisa, designer of The Primitive Needle when I read the news this morning. Sending positive thoughts and prayers to her family today. There are no words for such a loss. 

 Ironically, yesterday, I found these stash boxes (or I made them linen stash boxes) at Michael's as I was already in the city and needed 1 color of DMC floss, number 520 to be exact! I drove after work through the tornado watch, just a mile or two away from where I was already, but once I got in the store, the metal ceiling of the building roared with rain and wind and so I lingered. 

I was instantly drawn to the sale section and many Spring items. I had intended to only get one floss thread but because I had about an hour before I could drive through the storm, I wandered around the store and the last 2 of these boxes on the sale rack became mine.

I don't know if it was the pink, the Robin's egg blue, the messages on the boxes or the birds or even the flowers that I liked so much but they inspired me. I knew they belonged in my studio.

These boxes are big too!

They have a magnetic tab in the box itself and click over the side.

Don't you love it??? 

How do you like that camera? ;)

Miss Abbie checked them out too when I got them out of the big bag. I think my favorite is the bottom one and I saw it first in the store. Do what makes your heart smile. 

An encouraging set and very functional too.

And tonight, I got busy framing this Bent Creek finish.

Land of Liberty
pattern kit gifted to me by Ma Teakettle

The fabric is from Boston trip last year for trim and the wood frame has been in my stash for quite awhile.

The lighting in our house at night is very dim.

Please ignore the TV glare. Charlie Sheen was on for the 100th time in news today. The man needs help. Ok, I said it. No more on that. Back to positive.......

Now to find a place to hang. I know exactly. It's going on my wall in the stairwell.

This past weekend, I went on a search for a frame to fit the Frances Bliss sampler. I found a perfect one, the exact size and in primitive black. I was literally, conflicted though because it was a Kathy's Primitives stitching design in it and it was pretty framed already. I caved as it was 40% off at this particular area in a local store.
I took the frame apart and took off her stitching and made a needlebook out of it.

It's not perfect, but it's functional and I kinda like it!
I put a vintage red button that I had in my stash on both sides to hold it. I've never made a needlebook but it turned out pretty. Felt better about saving the stitching of the Kathy's Primitives to become functional.

And the verse is so sweet.

I used some pretty bright fabbie from my stash to line it with felt pages.

and you will see how perfect the frame is for Miss Frances later this week when I frame her.

Worked on Lydia Hinkley sampler, another small by The Scarlett Letter as a companion sampler.

Positive reminders and thoughts are very encouraging during life's challenging moments and from creating a space for stitching, I hope to always remember, even though times can get dark:

~~Always look on/for the bright side.

~~Do what makes your heart smile.

~~Always be thankful for the simple pleasures.

~~And finally, live for today as we will never know if it's our last.


  1. Love those finishes! The frame looks great and the needlebook is darling. Those boxes are perfect for holding stash! I have a set of three that are similar to those and are my favourites. :)

  2. oooo love those boxes and .. nice needle book as well and love seeing the progress of you other sampler in the back ground very artful shots :) love mouse xxxx

  3. Those boxes are amazing! I love the colors and the sayings, too. Your finished piece is gorgeous, as always. I love seeing all your beautiful stitched projects - so inspiring.

    God bless you - Julie

  4. Love the frame for your Bent Creek finish. Fab storage boxes with lovely sayings - a great find.

  5. I love the boxes. So sweets!!
    You made a great work with the neddelkeeper and the frame.
    Best wishes

  6. Ooh - love, love that frame with your BC Liberty! Wonderful finishes and boxes!

  7. The frame for Land of Liberty is beautiful! Also like the needlebook finish-very cute.

  8. That was a terrible tragedy about Lisa, I spent allot of time thinking about that today. I had such a hard time imagining her circumstances.

    Your boxes are absolutely beautiful and your finishes are so great! Good job.


  9. Great boxes!! I have a similar one that I use to store my seasonal smalls. I will have to get a new one - especially with all the great freebies you share with us!

    Your stitchy finishes are fantastic!!

  10. Really nice finishes as always. I love your clever idea of the fabric down the side of the BC Liberty. What a neat idea when you piece just doesn't want to fit the standard frame.

  11. I love the frame for your new piece, Jennifer. It looks like the leaves in the design. Well chosen, and beautifully stitched.

  12. Love the Boston fabric with the Bent Creek design - they were made for each other! You always have such great ideas for fitting unusual size finishes into standard size frames.


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