Sunday, February 27, 2011

Different version Daffodil sampler

When I made the Daffodil sampler, I was thinking about our region.....when Daffodils grow and bloom. If I can get my behunkus up from writing and reading then I'll get some pics of the couple we have blooming in the yard/forest today. They are so full of promise for Spring (as well as the high pollen count that is causing my ezcema to flare to the limits and eyes to itch like no yonder yesterday and today).

So, as requested, I loved revising this one so you can use anytime your flowers bloom!

the girl's hair, by the way, would look great in French knots of an auburn color.


copyright 2011
Feathers in the Nest

Maybe one day I will get to stitching these portfolio is overflowing more than my hands can stitch.

Stay-tuned for pics of a new scissor frog I found yesterday!


  1. Lovely freebie - thanks for sharing

  2. Very sweet, Jennifer! I just love daffodils!


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