Thursday, March 3, 2011

Frogs and Wind, sure signs of Spring approaching!

Hey friends. Do you know I look forward to chatting with you every day?  Blogging is such a gift in life and to share all over the world, is awesome. 

 Anyhoo, I just wanted to show you this flower frog I found/ scissor frog last weekend. It was a really good deal too! I was so drawn to it that I think it was magnetic as I went straight to it and grabbed it up!
I've not seen a green glass one yet. In the South, it seems to be hard to find scissor frogs, especially with matching top. I heart this silver and green,......

It's going to double this week as a real flower frog as I'm going  'a daffodil pickin' in the forest today.
I think Daffodils will look lovely in here! : o

I've got many things to do around the house. I love making our house a home. Just love it. I think that there is always something to do on a house. Somewhere in the day I have to fit in changing sheets and laundry that has piled to no yonder as well.

The wind is blowing pretty hard today and I can see the sunshine beaming over the mountain. There is a dogwood tree directly behind my kitchen window and love watching it every Spring to see when it starts to bud.
The temp has dropped yesterday and today so a fireplace night for sure. That means more stitching and coziness which I will need after a busy day.

Goals today are:

making sure I'm allergy ready before opening the door as my eyes are itching already
getting rid of the dust rolls on the hardwoods floors
finding time for at least 1 yoga session today
picking daffodils in the yard for my flower frog
continue to clean and organize my studio (an ongoing project)
take inventory of the threads I will need (overdyed)
Finishing the Lydia Hinckley 1774 sampler
framing the two samplers

That's just a few.

Windy,windy through the bare trees today

Raven and Ruby  Thelma and Louise to the left

The wind seems to be drawing them from one to the other. They refused to look at me for a picture.

Labs are always on the look out for adventure.

yep, the wind blew hard again.

and again.

Well, maybe later they will look at me instead of the wildlife sounds in the woods and I can get a good pic.

But for now........

have a blessed day, filled with sunshine and peace.


  1. Oh my gosh your dogs are adorable, it seems that dogs just know when you are about to snap a picture my peanut is the same way, the flower frog is beautiful I wish I couls find a colored class one I'll keep my eyes open you have a gift and I love to visit you I donot always comment but I do stop in daily.

  2. Love the green! Spring allergies have already hit me. I'm going to ask about Omnaris.

  3. Congrats on your flower frog find! What a beauty that green is and perfect to display this time of year.

  4. I really love that flower/scissor frog! I would have snapped it up too!!!

  5. OOOO daffodils will look lovely in the frog :) and I just love the pics of your furbabies .. mine used to know when the camera came out and go oh no not again love mouse xxxx

  6. in which a beautiful place you live! but we still have snow)

  7. The labs are too cute -

    That is definitely a lovely flower frog !!! I think it will be perfect for daffodils

  8. I had never seen a flower frog before. It's really cool. I think I need to window shop more. LOL. Your pups are great.

  9. What cute fellas you have! Your green frog is beautiful, and perfect for daffodils. Enjoy!

  10. Hi-passed by Sautee Georgia couple days ago from fla to north Carolina-was thinking of you! Told hubby-I follow a blogger who lives there!! He's just getting used to my blogging talk! Love the green frog-and to pick daffodils now would be incredible!! Continue on our journey to Maine tomorrow-no daffodils there for quite awhile yet! take care.

  11. What a lucky find...I love your flower frog and it's my favorite color too. Enjoy...hugs, Linda

  12. The pups look so cute!

    Lovin' that frog!!

  13. I love this flower frog. In Spain is difficult to find it.
    These frameworks are perfect to the alphabet. They give it a charming old.

  14. I love the flower frog find. I wish I could find one. I think daffodils would look lovely in it. Pat


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