Thursday, March 3, 2011

Finished and Framed--2 Prim samplers designer The Scarlett Letter

designer--The Scarlett Letter

The Frances Bliss 1778

  Lydia Hinckley 1774

DMC floss

25 count unbleached linen from TSL
herringbone, eyelet, and cross stitches

primitive samplers framed by Me and Thee

and hanging closely together on my new sampler wall (I have 4 in the house)

The frame on the bottom I already had at home with another embroidery actually, in it. So, I dismantled today and it fit the Lydia one perfectly~

The top frame I dismantled after finding last weekend in an antique store, very inexpensive, on sale and measured good too. Both are prim black frames.
The Scarlett Letter designer shows these framed in maple which is beautiful but decided, the prim black worked better.

There are many shadows from a lamp in this picture, I do apologize. The top frame we found to actually not be totally square and was slightly warped, but we thought it added character!!

We did save the glass that was already in the frames. I know there are debates on whether to frame with or without glass but most of the time, I leave the glass in. When taking pics, though, there are shadows alot.


  1. What lovely finishes, The frames really add to the design, and give even more interest to your new sampler wall.

  2. Love the new samplers (and old ones, too!). I am very much 'pro-glass'. I think the glass adds that very much needed added protection in my house.
    Wishing you a fun weekend!
    (Did you find many daffodils?)

  3. They look so nice on your wall. I love the frames too.

  4. Your prim samplers are just fabulous, and so quickly framed!!
    They look wonderful on your wall:))

  5. Beautiful, and such a quick stitch. It's very satisfying to have a finish, which is something I haven't felt in a while.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. LOVE those prim and perfect!! Nice job Jennifer~~ Faye

  7. LOVE the way these turned out Jennifer! The frames are perfect!

  8. They are beautiful Jennifer.

  9. Beautiful samplers and those frames are perfect!

  10. I love your frames and the stitching sits so perfectly in them. You must be thrilled.

  11. Lovely finishes :) and the frames are just perfect for them too :) love mouse xxx

  12. Those frames are perfect. You're going to have a great sampler wall.
    What did you fill the boxes from Michael's with? They are so pretty and calming to look at.

  13. Love the samplers! They look really nice!

  14. Gorgeous finishes and the frames are just perfect!!!! I always use conservation glass. It's very dusty where I live and I worry how dirty my pieces would get otherwise.

  15. The samplers are gorgeous. Love that green "frog" too.

  16. The samplers are gorgeous. Love that green "frog" too.

  17. I love-love-love these stitchings. I have never done counted cross stitch but am a big fan of this work.


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