Saturday, February 26, 2011

I'm Speechless today when the mail came

I opened the mail this morning and was


 Overcome with Emotions.

All at one time!

This was inside a folder from Carol M from PA and she sent the most touching note with it, as well.

It's a work pouch!!!!!  I can't believe it!! I would never be able to get one this beautiful. I honestly was looking at one of the websites the other day at a new pouch and didn't order it and so glad because this is my most favorite and unique, awesome and gorgeous work pouch of all time now!!!!
I cannot thank Carol enough for the thoughtful work and words, time and love she put into this pouch.

Take a look-see

The fabric is quilted and thick, and look at the Adam and Eve sampler!

Then I looked up and saw Feathers in the Nest with the date and the verse and my heart was so touched.

I think it stopped for a beat or two.

It snaps at the top!


And it's the PERFECT size for my medium qsnaps or frames and all the materials, scissors, everything to take with me.

I so needed to read that verse at the top. I need to see it often because my earth father well..... a bit the opposite. I need to see this reminder because, honestly, through some hard times its, difficult to imagine the grace that our Heavenly Father has for us and how different he is from our own father.

She said that Anita at Everything Cross Stitch from Fredricksburg, VA did the finishing of the bag.

The pattern is from a Mar/April Just Cross stitch magazine 1985.

Did you know that the house we live in now was built in 1985?  I had no idea at the time of course as I was in  another marriage in another time and in a vacuum I won't go through again here. My son, Aaron, was born in that year too. In 1984 and 1985, I was saying prayers daily that were answered in His own time. The perfect time.

In her sweet note, she wrote that she is praying for me and I do so need that Carol, thank you, thank you, thank you! We all do and I will pray for you too.

This bag is so special and I will never forget all the love that was put into it either.

And Deb at The Threadgatherer's, girl, you can't have it either!!!! LOL (Deb loves Adam and Eve samplers)  ;)

I opened this at the perfect time and place, Carol!  Thank you again and I promise to carry this with me (probably everywhere) as I try to sneak in some stitching in the car and on the go to.

Speaking of on the go~~~~~~

I just finished up Miss Frances here and where there's a will, there's a way.

Designer~~ The Scarlet Letter

reproduction sampler
Frances Bliss 1778
This was in my stash for at least 3 years. I bought it as a kit with the cotton floss and the linen. The copyright was 1983. It took a bit of ironing to get that wrinkle out!
 I started it, then got stumped on the herringbone stitch and then this week picked it back up and, I promise you, I got plenty of practice as all the blue lines are herringbone stitches!

Now, as you know, reproductive  reproduction samplers frequently have misspellings and odd letter shapes and skips the J, etc. so I did stitch this EXACTLY as the instructions directed with the DMC threads included and on 25 count unbleached linen (included with the kit at the time).

So for clarification, yes, the sex word is in the sampler for the age of six.
I'm not completely sure what the mother must of thought of the word sex instead of six when Frances showed her the completion. 

According to the history of this sampler, Frances's mother was named Abigail!!!! I like that name of course.

You can see the lighter color threads.

But all the herringbone was done in DMC 931.


As in our beautiful weather for today!

And finally, if you would like to win a brand new (reproductive reproduction) pair of these scissors from Pineberry Lane, remember deadline is Feb 28th at midnight for entry.

 See Feb 15th post for details.

Amazing grace,


  1. A most stunning gift for a most deserving recipient~~~ Oh my goodness!! I am like you, my heart would have skipped a beat!! How stunning is that?? CarolM has sent you a gift of a lifetime...I know you will cherish it forever and ever!!! Congrats~~~ Faye

  2. This is absolutely incredible and you certainly deserve it! Your work is beautiful and your caring is so evident-and especially by this gift that was made especially for you! Be well!

  3. I am so happy you received such a thoughtful, personal gift - no one deserves it more!

  4. I just found your blog and then saw the lovely gift. What a special thing your friend has done for you. You must be a special person.

    Very much like the colors in your sampler as well. Love that linen!

    Peggy H.

  5. An angel touched your life today with such a special gift!! Wow!! It is absolutely amazing! I do believe that if I were to receive something like that, I'd have to get my boys to pinch me!

  6. What an amazing gift! I would be speechless too. Love your little repro too. I have been wanting to get a SL for a while now but it hasn't happened yet! Hopefully this year. x

  7. This bag is just absolutely
    beautiful. I am so very happy
    for you, sweet Jennifer. I
    know you're going to enjoy
    using it.
    Have a blessed Lord's day.

  8. Such a beautiful gift from a friend! Warm Blessings!~Amy

  9. A gorgeous gift and a treasure, I can imagine you are chuffed to bits with it:))
    The SL sampler is so endearing and mistakes are still made, so glad you kept it in:))

  10. OHMIGOSH I think I would have needed a strong pat on the back to catch my breath! What a lovely gift from the heart.
    I know you will probably spend alot of moments just staring at it and running your fingers over the threads!

  11. Such a beautiful present! Congrats! You certainly deserve it! :o)


  12. What a lovely gift for a lovely lady!

    Your sampler came out beautifully!! Love it!

  13. Thank you so much for sharing which magazine the finishing was featured. I will have to go back and see if I have that issue. I have been wanting to make something to carry my pieces around with me to work on. The ziplock bags are getting old to me and of course get holes and wear out.
    Your gift is perfect for you. Love the touch CarolM put on it with your blog name. CarolM does such amazing work. Only a stitcher knows how to touch the heart of another stitcher.

  14. What a stunning gift! I'm not surprised that you were speechless, the time, love and effort that has gone into completing this.
    I love your reproduction sampler too - the colours are perfect.

  15. Thats a wonderful gift!! Enjoy it

  16. I think I am speechless & I've only looked at photos of your gift -

    I can imagine the absolute joy & contentment at looking in that package -

    Completely beautiful & thoughtful
    Congratulations on such a blessing !!


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